Friday, January 11, 2013

A Day in the Life (5)

HELLO again.  It's me Annie. It's been awhile since I've got some time to update from my perspective on this blog thing that Mom has. My mom thinks my lips are the "cutest thing ever." Whatever. They are just lips.

I had a good time snugglin' up with my mom and sister over Christmas/New Years break. But still, I'm trying to figure out this whole "Santa" thing. My Dad lets some bearded guy in a huge red suit BREAK into our house and eat our cookies and drink our MILK? WHAT? And I don't know why my sister thought it was necessary to wake up early on Christmas Day, what's the big deal? I'm pretty sure those presents weren't going anywhere.

I've been really busy with my toys lately. Just discovered that all of these things will make noise if I SLAM my hands against them as hard as I can. It's pretty nifty. I even got a cellphone for Christmas. I'm really getting with the times now. Mom thinks it's absolutely HYSTERICAL to dangle toys just out of reach of mine and make me WORK for grabbing them. Let's save us both the time and just give 'em here so I can shove them in my mouth.

I was really distracted this whole time my mom was taking these pictures. Basically I was too entertained by this sea of all things Barbie my sister was working on. As you can see below. I was camped out in the little green area, just out of reach of the "little pieces." Mom's already nervous I'll hack on one of those little shoes....I'd NEVER put anything in my mouth! :)

More from me sometime. Who knows when. I'm a busy baby you know? I've got people to please. Things to do.

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  1. This girl will be crawling in no time! Get ready! Grace looks like she has an awesome set up there! I would have loved that stuff when I was little, a tent awesome!


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