Monday, January 28, 2013

A Day in the Life (6)

Hey, what's up! It's me, Annie again. Life around the house has been pretty crazy lately. We traveled to Minnesota to hang out with the Bierman crew, what a fun time that was!, and here at home mom has been busy hosting a baby shower, and finishing up projects around the house. Ya, apparently some other baby is coming to steal the hearts of my neighbors the O's. They are having a new grandson. Don't worry, he won't live on our street. I'll see be the hottest baby on the block.

While Mom is busy with all that junk, I've been busy mastering my exersaucer. I love this thing. I can bounce in here like crazy, crew on stuff and make things make noise. Pretty sweet. Mom said soon she is going to video me in there to send out on the blog. Hope my hair looks nice that day.

I laugh a lot, except my mom and dad are still dying to hear what they call a "belly laugh." Seriously, what's the big deal. I can just open my mouth as wide as I can and snort in and out - good enough for me. Take it or leave it ma'.

Mom apologizes again for the crummy picture. Her phone again. Dad isn't going to happy with her for not using that camera he bought her for her birthday. Mom says her phone is so much easier to capture the moment. Parents. Whatever.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Morning Snuggles

These are all from my phone, so forgive the bad quality. I should get better at perfecting the phone photos.

One of my favorite things about the weekend is letting the kids sleep in until they wake up on their own. And I have pretty good sleepers - but I also enjoy that they don't sleep in too late so that I feel like I'm sneaking around the house because I'm old and can't stay in bed very late anymore! :)
Here's a morning snuggle session. Annie was kicking her legs like crazy, and Grace of course thought it was hilarious to position herself so that Annie was kicking her in the head. 

And proof that we can't get enough snuggling in the morning...this was from another morning. Round two. Of many I hope.


I Want Somma Dat

These two couldn't get their eyes off Grace and her push pop! Both had some fierce begging looks going on!

There may also have been some whining going on. Pathetic.

She was kind of being a little needy throughout the weekend! Give me a break dog!

Even had a little up close and personal session with Annie.

Annie isn't sure, but she might have just pooped before this photo was taken! :) 

I just finished up our Governor's Conference on Tourism last week, right before we went to Minnesota for the weekend. So we've been a bit absent around the blog lately. Hopefully we get back into the swing of things soon.

Not much new otherwise. Just trying to stay healthy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Punch of Circles

Awhile back a spent a lot of time with a circle puncher. Cody thought I was crazy. And the cat loved the project, with the circles, string, and all. The dog hated the project, the punching of the circle punch was so pierce it drove her nuts! 

I was making this "mobile" for Annie's room. Turned out pretty cute looking I think. I can't wait until summer when the A/C is on and this moves more with the air circulation.

Her room has since changed a bit with the addition of a tall shelving unit. I haven't quite perfected that space yet, but I'm working on it.

As always, things around our space are a work in process and ever evolving, or revolving if you're like me and feel like things never get done and always change.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Day in the Life (5)

HELLO again.  It's me Annie. It's been awhile since I've got some time to update from my perspective on this blog thing that Mom has. My mom thinks my lips are the "cutest thing ever." Whatever. They are just lips.

I had a good time snugglin' up with my mom and sister over Christmas/New Years break. But still, I'm trying to figure out this whole "Santa" thing. My Dad lets some bearded guy in a huge red suit BREAK into our house and eat our cookies and drink our MILK? WHAT? And I don't know why my sister thought it was necessary to wake up early on Christmas Day, what's the big deal? I'm pretty sure those presents weren't going anywhere.

I've been really busy with my toys lately. Just discovered that all of these things will make noise if I SLAM my hands against them as hard as I can. It's pretty nifty. I even got a cellphone for Christmas. I'm really getting with the times now. Mom thinks it's absolutely HYSTERICAL to dangle toys just out of reach of mine and make me WORK for grabbing them. Let's save us both the time and just give 'em here so I can shove them in my mouth.

I was really distracted this whole time my mom was taking these pictures. Basically I was too entertained by this sea of all things Barbie my sister was working on. As you can see below. I was camped out in the little green area, just out of reach of the "little pieces." Mom's already nervous I'll hack on one of those little shoes....I'd NEVER put anything in my mouth! :)

More from me sometime. Who knows when. I'm a busy baby you know? I've got people to please. Things to do.

My Pretties!

Goodness, a few more all time favorite photos to share. These girls just melt me. Melt!

I like this one in black and white too: 

Pretty little things! Grace was my photo assistant with Annie - quite helpful actually!

Spearfish Park with Grandpa and Grandma

Over Christmas with Cody's family we headed to a park in Spearfish. This is one of my all-time favorite parks, and I'm an adult! It's a super cool place. Grace had a good time, and we even bundled up Annie in her snowsuit (that she's only worn once) for some fresh air.
Grandpa Kevin got to be Grandpa to Grace's cousin Connor for about 7 years before having a granddaughter. I think that being a Dad or a Grandpa to little girls is a pretty special thing. Erin has boys, we have girls. I love watching our parents with our kiddos.

Ahhh, Grandpa, cut it out!

Love this one with these looney-tones!


Look at those skinny legs amidst thet big coat and boots!
And this is a pretty typical scene - Grandma taking pictures! :) She'll be happy her camera covers up her face in this one!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Easy Bakin' and Crayon Meltin'

I promised a quick post on the Easy Bake Oven and Crayon Melting adventures we had while on Christmas break. Warning - lots of pictures, I was messing with my camera and got a little crazy. Grace loves to look at these pictures though!

Red velvet cupcakes, pink frosting, and sprinkles!


The task of getting the right amount of sprinkles is very serious!

Just right!

We decided since they were so tiny, we would make them into whoopie pies instead! Loved them!  

 I decided it was necessary to put frosting AND sprinkles on Grace's nose! Hilarious!
Now, a proper 5 year old would NEVER let frosting go to waste...especially pink frosting!
Pretty girl...

Want one? :) These actually have been one of the better items to come out of this machine.

And next, on to the delicate art of crayon melting.

 First things first, find the crayons you want to melt.

Next, remove the paper...

Break the colors into pieces and lay in melting trays with colors you want to blend.

Next is the hard part, waiting for your crayons to melt in the machine.

If you'd like, you could make some evil faces as you wait...

Pretty ones work too...
You'll begin to notice them getting softer: 

And finally time to pour!

Oops, bad mom. Didn't take pictures of the finished product. It's pretty cool and Grace enjoys doing it. Fun project. And a great way to use up crayons that you might not use otherwise.