Friday, January 27, 2012

American Pickers

Not sure how many of you watch the show on the History Channel "American Pickers" but recently an new episode was on when the Pickers were in South Dakota. They stopped at 1880 Town, and my highlight of the show, at Pioneer Auto in Murdo.

Some of the South Dakota Tourism crew, including myself, drove out to support Dave (who is on our tourism board), and to just say congrats on getting the Picker's out there to Pioneer Auto. Of course, Dave had more planned for us than just a hello. We were able to ride around in this ANCIENT car, I cannot remember how old it was, with one of Murdo's finest tour guides.

We took a tour of Pioneer Auto, said congrats to Dave, and let him do his work with the Pickers. Now, I'm not going to spoil it, because I hope you can catch a re-run of this episode, but let's just say Dave throws a mean coin toss.

Here's some fun pictures from that day...
Dave getting us prepped for our ride around town...

The beauty we rode in. She just purred!

South Dakota Tourism Crew and our tour guide

Who recognizes this car? 

How about now? 

Now, I know I really need to get to my San Diego pictures...they just seem overwhelming to me at the moment since there are so many of them! Project!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spontaneous Piercing

I so hope in 12 years I'm not typing anything about Grace (or anyone in our family for that matter), and a spontaneous piercing! :)

On to the post...We were in the mall bumming around when Grace wanted to go into that "all girl store..." AKA - Claire's...Grace's Heaven. We walked in and I said,

Mommy: "Oh, Grace maybe you should get your ears pierced today!"
Grace: "Ya, I want to, I really do!"
Mommy: "Are you sure!?"
Grace: "Yes, Mommy, I really do!"
Mommy: Looks at Dad, who just shrugs his shoulders and smiles. The only thing I'm worried about at this point is that I don't have my camera with! "Ok, if you want to!"

Grace quickly hops up in the chair before I can even tell the gal working we'd like to pierce her ears. I quickly remember that my camera is in my purse, which hopefully is in the car. Cody agrees to go and check for me, what a guy. And luckily, it was!

Now, Grace has to be one of the BRAVEST girls I know. She's seriously up for anything ALL the time. There is hardly anything that scares her, or that she won't do. Immediately, she starts chatting it up with the gal who's going to pierce her ears, telling all kinds of stories about her friends who had jumped out of the chair and tried running away after getting the first ear done. I haven't even heard these stories before. She has the sharpest little mind who remembers EVERYTHING (expect what she did in Sunday School 20 minutes after I pick her up).

Talking away to the gal piercing her ears...Promising she won't jump out of the chair halfway through like her friend did.
All smiles, and SO excited.

Grinning at her Dad, who cannot believe how BIG and OLD she is getting. We always told each other that she could get her ears pierced as soon as she decided for herself she wanted to do it.

First one...All she said was: "Ouch."

Lookin' good!

Second one! 

And done!

Showing off her new jewels! She was so happy and proud of herself. All day and night she kept saying, "Mom, can you believe I got my ears pierced today?" "I can't believe it Mommy."

Love her. I still catch myself doing a double take when I look at her with pierced ears. She's been asking if it's time to clean them, and so far so good, they look great!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas at the Capitol

Christmas at the Capitol in Pierre has been a fun part of our family holiday tradition since our first Christmas in Pierre. Cody remembers going as a kid (then remembers being drug along, and then remembers not going and boycotting..probably when he was in high school) with his family too.

We have been going multiple times each year with my parents, Cody's parents, on our own, with Cody's grandparents, with friends or on our own. It provides a great way to get out of the house and get in the holiday mood. There are about a hundred trees decorated by organizations across the state and placed inside the Capitol. On weekends there is usually special groups singing Christmas carols or playing holiday music on the piano or other instrument. It's lovely! And the smell is awesome!!!!

These pictures aren't great this year, as the lighting is low and I have a little miss flitting around checking out all the pretties. 

Three floors of decorated goodness!

We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy the trees with both my parents and Cody's parents this year. Blessings!

It's so nice to have this right in town for our family to enjoy season after season. It's certainly something that Grace talks about year-round. She might think the trees are in there all year! :)



I had no idea I was on my 200th post yesterday. This marks 201! Hopefully this blog isn't as mindless and blah for some as I sometimes feel it gets to be. However, I know some family (and a few friends) who like to stay in touch with whats going on, and really likes the pictures of Grace that make it up here.

We'll keep on moving forward, and hopefully there will be lots of good stuff up on here in 2012.

Thanks for hanging around and reading my posts!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I brought in this nice little green grassy plant from the deck to live in the house this summer. I couldn't figure out why it was so droopy and not doing very well, for goodness sake, it just became a house should PERK up! Now, I'm not saying that I have my mother's green thumb, but it couldn't be too hard.

Until the day that Wiggle Grandma and Grace were making cookies did I figure out why it was so "droopy." Lola-cat. AKA, Scratty-Cat, Scratty-Boo, Lola cat-scrat-brat-kitty-cat-MEOW. Our "pet names" for Lola. Cody started calling her "scrat" after the little squirrel in Ice Age he thought she resembled. Guess I picked it up and got a bit carried away.

Here's what I found was making my poor plant so sad....

"What's the problem? You don't like me sitting in your potted plant?"

"I'm just enjoying my personal jungle...Thanks for sharing it with me!"

"Oh, no, I wouldn't mind a nice nap in here. Since you so conveniently placed this pot in the sun for it grow me to sun myself."

"Oh, you mean, when I chew on the leaves, it might kill them? Oh, and it's not good for me either?"

Hello Lola! Goodbye inside potted plant!

Cookies with Wiggle Grandma

I don't know if I've ever explained officially on the blog before how lucky Grace is to have so many people in her life that love her. We have family, friends and neighbors galore that are all very involved in her life. So blessed! Grace has been lucky enough to know and still have 5 great-grandparents around and all four of her grandparents. However, this sometimes can be confusing for her, having so many grandma's and grandpa's to distinguish between.

I knew right away that I wanted our parents to be called different things than both "Grandma and Grandpa" since we spend so much time with each of them. My parents are known as Nana and Poppa, and Cody's parents are Grandma and Grandpa, since that is already what our nephew Connor called them.

Of course, that wasn't creative enough for little miss Grace. She began calling Grandma Michele, "Wiggle" Grandma after a heated discussion one day on who was coming to visit. She also was calling Great Grandma Marcella, Cody's Grandma, Grandma as well. I was trying to convince her that Grandma was coming, not Great Grandma. She wasn't understanding and I said, "regular Grandma is coming, not Great Grandma." She interpreted that as "Wiggle Grandma," and it's stuck. So she is known as either "Grandma Michele" or "Wiggle Grandma." Grandpa Kevin used to always be "Crap-pa" as she wasn't quite able to say "Grandpa." Wiggle Grandma especially liked this term! She even thinks that Grandpa is famous enough to be featured on all the monetary pieces we use - must have a resemblance to George Washington!!!

Anyway, here is some photos of Grace and Wiggle Grandma baking cookies. I didn't get the finished product as I was running around the house packing for my trip to New York City. THANK YOU THANK YOU to Wiggle Grandma who came for this weekend to help watch Grace while Cody was deer hunting and I was off to NYC.

I was lucky enough to taste them, and YUM-O! Anything that comes out of Wiggle Grandma's kitchen is good. I hope she writes down all of her recipes for us girls someday as she's a baker and cooker that adds a little of this, and a little of that to taste. HINT HINT!

I wish I would have got more pictures...more hint hints to Wiggle Grandma who doesn't like me to get her in the photos! :)

We love you SO Wiggle Grandma!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bathtime Fun

Grace was pretty excited to see that Cameron got some cool new bath toys for Christmas! They are always a hot item to Grace...I have this "thing" about bath toys. I don't like them. They freak me out. They get all slimy and moldy and weird. You know, when they sit around and didn't get every last drip of water off them? Yuck. We don't do bath toys at our house very much. She was in bath toy heaven. That combined with some one-on-one up close and personal time with her favorite cousin under the age of two and she was thrilled!

Here is a quick little video I compiled with photos and video from their bath time and naked jumping expedition on Grandma's bed on Christmas night.

As you can see, Cameron is quite the happy baby. He's so fun to be around because he'll make eyes and flirt with anyone, and nobody scares him. So fun!

I have more pictures from Christmas to post. We had a great time out in Spearfish, and were blessed to be with all of Cody's immediate family. It was a white Christmas out in the Hills! Horray! We were able to celebrate with his Grandparents before Christmas and see and vacation with my parents after Christmas.


Thank you Nana & Poppa

We just got back from a nice long vacation with Nana & Poppa to San Diego! It was PERFECT and FABULOUS. Relaxing, yet there was so much to do and see. We had a great time. Thank you Nana and Poppa for a great trip.

Lots of posts to come, finishing up Christmas posts and starting in on our vacation posts.

Nana and Poppa when they visited in December

I'll be back with more!