Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Snicklefritzy

Hello! Meet SnicklefritzY

This is our Elf on a Shelf. Last year was "his" first year with us. This year, on December 1st, we found him in Grace's tree in her room along with a note explaining that "he" wasn't a "he" but rather a "her!" Apparently "her" skirt didn't get made in time last year for "her" adventures with us. Last year we named "her" Snicklefritz, but she quickly explained in the note that her name should be "SnicklefritzY!" Grace thought this was hilarious!

She's been sneaking around the house ever since December 1st. Her job is to watch Grace and report her behavior to Santa. We can't touch her or she will lose her special power. She even leaves Grace a piece of chocolate in her advent house each night if she's been good at school and daycare. These stinkin' elves are pretty mischievous...take a look at what Snicklefritzy has been up to. I'm sure we'll be back with more.

Hank the cat trapped Snicklefritzy under a glass! Since she was trapped Grace couldn't get her candy that night! She got two pieces the next day, along with a nice note saying how good Grace did at her Christmas program.

Even caught napping in the kleenex! 


And hanging out in the cupboard?!!

And eating Grace's left over popcorn! That SNICKLEFRITZY! 

Can you see her at the top of the tree? Yes, she's with a roll of toilet paper! She drug it all across the house and decked the tree in it! Silly elf!

Apparently, he was trying to go off on a jet plane with Tangled. Date night!

***Nana pointed out that I made a mistake in the previous caption. Yes, indeed it should be "HER" and Tangled must be going out to the spa together. NOT on a date since it's a "she" now! Confusing!**

We'll probably be back with more tricks from our silly, stinkin' elf!


  1. Shouldn't Snicklefritzy be going on a date with Ken not Tangled??

  2. Ah! Nana, you're right! Confusing...we've updated the post! :)


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