Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Baking

I'm not much in the mood for baking this holiday season. Usually I'm baking up a storm. Could have something to do with the 3.5 month old that doesn't currently just want to sit in her lounge chair and watch us. She wants to be held. She wants to be in on the action and at eye level. Could have something to do with the fact that there is always way too much food around this time of year, and it's just overwhelming and crazy. Don't need to eat all that junk, even if it is the holidays. Better to not have it around so you're not tempted. However, the other side of my life is a 5 year old who loves to participate and help bake...and of course wear her apron from her cousins Elyse and Evelyn. Torn.

We decided to make a few of our favorite things. Grace loves to frost sugar cookies of course. I don't have the time to do cut-outs, so we compromised and make rolled sugar cookies. Daddy is happy, because he doesn't like crisp cookies, he likes soft, so these are for him and Grace.

Along with sugar cookies we made a few snacks and some Molasses Crinkles - one of my fav's. Grace likes these too, and she has a fun memory with them. As we were topping off our cookie stash last January she remembers laying in the blow up bed that we had downstairs, watching Christmas movies and snacking on cookies together.

My memory is much different. I remember having the blow up bed set up downstairs because I was so yucky sick, exhausted, and sleepy during the early months of my pregnancy with Annie. I couldn't stay awake past 6 p.m. However, I didn't want to go to my room and not spend time with Grace. I remember giving her any goodie she could want to keep her occupied during Christmas movies that I was "wathcing" with her. I was pretending to watch through my closed sleepy eyes. Oh, the differences in our memories.

On to the pictures -- Grace and I baking.

 These might not be Martha Stewart pretty, but they are Betty Crocker good.
Frosted with loving hands.

Sprinkled with holiday cheer...

Finger lickin' good!!!! (these will be kept for our family's personal cookie indulging)

Love these cookie dusted fingers

I've added an Instagram feed in the side bar of our blog. I'm going to say that it will be the "daily version of a look into our lives." Since I obviously don't get to blogging as often as I would like, or as often as our friends and family from afar would like. So, when you check back for a blog post, and there isn't one, be sure to check our side bar images from Instagram, they will be most up to date.

My goal this week is to get back to photos that I haven't posted yet, I still have some from this fall. I'd like to get them up here before Christmas, because it will be all downhill from there!

Hope you are all well, and are making the final preparations for this magical time of year!

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