Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First Real Giggles

Merry Christmas again all. I had to get this up here today. Flash back to last night around bath time. We were just hanging around the house, Annie was nakie getting ready for her bath. Grace came over and was talking to Annie. The result was for some reason Grace was saying "Now I am a horse" and Annie thought it was hilarious!!!! 

No idea why this was so funny to Annie, but it had us all melted. Even though I'll always remember this moment, I'm so glad that we have it on video. Even if it is blurry. We'll have to train Cody that he needs to hold his phone the other way when videoing! :)

I seriously had tears in my eyes. Made my heart so happy that Grace got Annie's first real giggles out. These two are going to have a pretty special relationship I think. Even the Grandma in church last night sincerely commented on how great of a sister Grace is to Little Annie.

Melt. I feel like my heart could have melted all of the snow in Pierre it was so happy! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, how stinkin sweet!! Absolutely love this! Makes me want to have another babe! So very happy you have these girls in your lives!Love to you all!


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