Friday, December 21, 2012


With all of the recent tragedies in this nation, it really makes you grateful to be able to snuggle your kids in the morning and to be able to tuck them in safely at night. The events in Connecticut just rocked our world, knowing how terrified these children were that are Grace's age makes my heart break. Knowing that there are families out there who won't get to enjoy years upon years with their children whose lives were taken too soon.

Then things hit too close to home this week. A 16 year-old was killed by a gun in the hand of his friend. This occurred just 6 blocks north of our home on our same street. A witness involved was a friend of a co-worker of Cody's at one time. The lives of these families and friends will never be the same. It's terrifying to see. It's wrenching to watch our community cope with this. Too many people had too many connections.

Now, more than ever, I'm constantly being reminded how important it is to keep your loved ones close, and hold them even tighter.

Looking at these pictures make me so thankful for the blessings I have. Family is so important. This holiday season we're trying to make sure we see as many family members as we can, however, unfortunately we can't spend the holiday with everyone. We're doing the best we can. It's always hard for us to know where to go when, and where to be when. We want to make everyone happy. However, I want to make sure our family is taken care of too and we're not hauling our precious cargo around in bad weather or across hundreds and hundreds of miles. Know that we love you all, and will be thinking of you this holiday season.

I treasure these pictures. I love the way my husband adores the girls in his family, and I can't get enough of the way that Annie is just amazed by her big sister. I'm impressed, humbled, and grateful to see the way that Grace takes care of her little sister already.

Love these moments.
Take care this weekend and next week, travel safe, and God bless.

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