Thursday, December 6, 2012

Around the House

Here's a couple quick shots of Grace and Cody decorating the Christmas tree...

Oh, and one of me trying to evaluate what made the cut this year...

This year we put one tree downstairs that has all of our "special" ornaments on it. From when I was a kiddo, to the ones that mean something to my kids or my family. I think it's now my favorite tree. My mom found the tree for me at the Goodwill. I think it's my favorite tree I've decorated, it's kind of wonky and mismatchy. It has all of our Christmas books under it with a rocking chair for cozy reading. Love it. We even worked on making a pompom garland to string on it. Until Wal-Mart apparently stopped stocking the pompoms we need and it's only half way strung with garland. (Sorry, no pictures yet, will get one soon, once we get the garland complete.)

And here is Annie "helping" us decorate. Her sleeping was the best help she could offer.

However, when she woke up she was quickly part of Grace's play daycare. Clearly, she was taking care of them all by rocking them in Annie's swing. Can't wait to watch these two grow up together. It will be interesting once Annie is mobile, crawling and digging into Grace's things. Watch out!

We had a good time decorating this year. We didn't get it all done at once however, as we began, and then Grace and I were struck with the nastiest flu I've ever experienced. We got it done about a week after starting. Which meant Christmas chaos strung around the house for DAYS! ANXIETY! Cody about deid not having the house picked up for that long.


  1. That is so funny! I am so the same way, it drives Dean crazy sometimes. I hate when the house is not picked up for more then a day. What can I say, I am a neat freak!!! :)


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