Friday, November 2, 2012

Tricks and Treats

We had a nice Halloween, it was a great day, beautiful outside. Grace had a nice party at school, fun at daycare and Tricks and treats around my office!

And treats!
Grace was Princess Belle

ONE of her favorite Ashley's! She was so excited to see her. She kept running back into her space to hang out with her. 

 And Annie was our little elephant. I didn't get any spectacular pictures of either of the kiddos. Grace was too busy running, and we were leaving Annie content. She stayed awake nearly the entire time and was content as ever. I wasn't about to have her and Grace pose for a photo risking Annie getting mad.

 Love these girls and their pretty faces!

A couple of Grace's besties were running around the office. This is Nick and Anni, Nick is Grace's birthday buddy - he's made an appearance or two on the blog before. His mom and I are still trying to arrange their marriage. 

And the elephant is out!

It was a good time, and it's nice to have the kids in a central place trapped indoors. Nice to not have to knock on strangers doors. We went out to supper afterward and were planning on just going around to people's houses whom we knew and the neighborhood. As soon as we got loaded up to go, Grace said..."Mom, I have enough candy. I want to go home and take a bath." So without blinking and eye, Cody put it on auto-pilot and got us home before her mind was changed! She loved handing out candy to a few trick or treaters at our house too. 

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