Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby It Snowed Outside...

...So of course my Blondie was begging to go outside on the first snow! And Little One was all snug as a bug inside. So what'd this Momma do? Bundled up the Blondie and ran back inside to make hot cocoa for her when she came back in. Thankfully I had bought new snowcoat and snow pants the day before, however, I didn't buy boots right away so she was literally wearing boots that were three sizes too small.

As you can see, she was happier than a clam. Exact words:
Grace: "Mommy it's Christmas!"
Me: "No, hunny, it's just the first snow."
Later she told me that God answered her prayers by sending her snow. Love it.

Little One hadn't a clue why I decked her out in "boots with the fur" and a fuzzy hat.

Had to throw that one in there too. Of course I put her to work while she was out there! :) Hah! Actually, as you can see I had shoveled the sidewalk already but was too lazy to shovel the rest of the driveway. And this was the second day of snow when I actually had found some boots for the poor child that actually fit her. Deprived around here, you know?

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