Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Oldie

This is an oldie, but a really goodie! We spent a few hours (yes hours) watching videos from when Grace was a little tike. So cute! And so glad we have those memories to look back at. There were so many little things we forgot about.

Grace loved her friends at her daycare, Markel's. Here we're asking her about all of her friends at daycare and if she's excited to see them. I LOVE her reaction. She's looking at each of my parents to show her excitement.

Seriously, somebody get the girl a kleenex. And put her to bed, she's so tired!
And Cody always used to say she didn't have red hair, please.

Hope we're just as diligent (if not more) with Annie and the video camera. There were so many priceless moments on these tapes.

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