Sunday, November 4, 2012

A day in the life (3)

Hello again! It's me, Annie! It's been awhile. Life has changed a lot since my last day in the life. I went on a few trips to Minnesota. I've met all of my great grandparents now. I met nearly everyone from both Mom's sides of the family and Dad's. Even Uncle Gary and Aunt Linda from Cleveland. 

I have also started at daycare now. Last week was Mom's first full week back at work. I wasn't so sure about the whole bottle thing. Snuggling and eating with Momma is just so much cozier! Apparently Mom is going to "the big city" as she calls it in a few weeks and apparently I need to have "the bottle thing" figured up by then. Mom hasn't figured out that this is my way of trying to keep her home!!

Everyone keeps saying I'm such a good baby! I'll pretty much talk to anyone, got that from my big sister I've been told, and have been learning more and more sounds to make everyday! 

Still love my sleep, however, I'd rather just take capnaps in the day right now, don't want to miss anything!

Love to you all! 

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