Friday, November 30, 2012

Child of God

Little Miss Annie was baptized on 11/25! We were happy to celebrate her and have her welcomed officially into the church family. It was a small group of congregation members at the Sunday service we attended. We usually attend Wednesday night, but there were just too many conflicts with the the holidays and our busy schedules.

I am still waiting to snap a few more photos of her in her baptismal gown, didn't happen on the day of. It's a special dress since it was my baptism dress and Grace also wore it. Annie was also able to wear the same baptism ring around her neck that Grace wore. Little blessings.

Warning: photo overload! :)

Detail of her dress

Pastor Sarah taking Annie around to greet congregation members

I adore this picture of Annie and Grace's Great Grandparents looking lovingly on Annie! :)
Cody's grandparents live nearby in Onida, it's a blessing that both of the girls will grow up knowing these two so well. They are great role models, great grandparents (and excellent great grandparents! :)), and very loving and generous people. They probably think it's pretty special to have these two little ones so close too!

Out to lunch to celebrate!
Annie, Cody, Todd O., Dad, Susie O., Grace, Marcella, Cecil, Mom

ToddO and Susie, our neighbors, joined us at church and for lunch. My parents and the O's love to visit, and Susie can't get enough of the girls. We're very lucky to be able to call them neighbors and friends. They are more like family - they'll do anything for us whenever we need it. I hope that someday someone can look to us like we look to them.

Happy Baptism Annie - you're oh, so loved!

It's a busy time of year, for everyone, including ourselves. We wanted to get Annie baptized, and wish that all of our family could have celebrated with us. However, I wasn't able to host a large event this time, and everyone was running around finishing up Thanksgiving festivities. We're grateful that we're so loved. We're grateful for those who could be there, and we're grateful for those of thought of us on Annie's day.

We asked dear friends of ours, Jen and Jake, if they would be Annie's sponsors. Thankfully, they said yes. We never expected them to attend as they live very far away in Wisconsin and have two little children and were dealing with a difficult Thanksgiving following the loss of Jen's grandfather. We so wish we lived closer to them allowing it to be easier for them to be here with us. But that isn't the case. However, we know they were praying for Annie on her special day, and that's what matters.

Annie and Grace are lucky to be loved by so many.
More pictures to follow of Annie dolled up in her baptism dress.

(PS - Thanks Aunt Ashley for the cute skirt for Grace. The rest of you just wait, she bought a matching one for Annie. Photo op has to happen still!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Lady Loves.

Some images from a session we did in town here with M.Linn Studios. Glad we captured Annie as a fresh newborn and I love the way that G is soooo proud of her baby sisiter.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby It Snowed Outside...

...So of course my Blondie was begging to go outside on the first snow! And Little One was all snug as a bug inside. So what'd this Momma do? Bundled up the Blondie and ran back inside to make hot cocoa for her when she came back in. Thankfully I had bought new snowcoat and snow pants the day before, however, I didn't buy boots right away so she was literally wearing boots that were three sizes too small.

As you can see, she was happier than a clam. Exact words:
Grace: "Mommy it's Christmas!"
Me: "No, hunny, it's just the first snow."
Later she told me that God answered her prayers by sending her snow. Love it.

Little One hadn't a clue why I decked her out in "boots with the fur" and a fuzzy hat.

Had to throw that one in there too. Of course I put her to work while she was out there! :) Hah! Actually, as you can see I had shoveled the sidewalk already but was too lazy to shovel the rest of the driveway. And this was the second day of snow when I actually had found some boots for the poor child that actually fit her. Deprived around here, you know?

A Day In The Life (4)

Hello! Annie here! Everyone thinks I'm pretty cute, huh? I don't know what it is. My eyes? Lips? Cheeks? Chubby legs? Nose? Fluffy hair? Flat hair? Oh, okay....ya, I know the list could go on and on. Don't mind me.

Well, I'm 2.5 months old now. I've got many of my Momma's friends (especially Jen and Tasha) hating my mother because she has the best sleeping children on the planet. Hi, I'm Annie, and I love to sleep through the night. I wake up when my Mom tells me to smiling and cooing away. Then my day goes like this:

Eat. Get changed. Poop. Get changed again. Load up. Head to daycare. Eat, poop, smile at the kids, sleep, and do it all over. Momma comes. I eat. I talk to my sister and have dinner with the family. Sleep. Wake up. Eat. Poop. Sleep through the night.

Simple, huh? I don't know what's wrong with those other kids. I mean come on, sleeping cozy is the best part of my day! Momma still wraps me up so tight in a blanket that you'd think she was trying to fit me into a shoe box. But, I love that dang swaddle. When she sets me free I kick and move all day long! 

Oh, and often, I hear my Mom telling my Dad, "Mother knows best." She sings it. Apparently Big Sis Blondie says it's from a movie - Tangled anyone?! Big Sis Blondie kept getting all excited about this white stuff this weekend...what's the big deal? Momma says next year I'll know.

That's all for now!

Monthly Photo Series: 2 Months

So these are a bit late. Annie is now 2.5 months old! I can't believe how much she has changed this month. Pretty crazy. She is SO smiley, outgoing, cuddly, and genuinely happy. Basically a doll. She's strong. She's constantly moving.  She's my bebe girl. She loves her Nana & Poppa and Grandma & Grandpa. (She better love Grandma because she'll be in charge of the house  while I'm in New York City and Cody is deer hunting!)

Little one is growing up fast! Can't believe the personality that is starting to bud. She's growing well too! You wouldn't believe how nice of a sister Grace is to Annie. I already have to pay her to do a good babysitting job though (of course, only when Cody and I are busy with a task outside or something...I wish I could just leave the two of them to fend for themselves at the house alone!)

I guess we'll soon be back with her three month pictures!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A & A

Lots of girls with A names around my workplace. Annika, Andrina, Allison, and Annie. My manager at work and I were due within just a few days of each other. She was due shortly after me - she ended up having her baby on the Saturday before Annie was born, Annie was born on a Wednesday. So they are VERY close in age. It was fun to be pregnant with someone, going through all the same things at the same times. It will also be fun to watch these two grow up together!

These photos were taken on Cody's birthday party back in September.

We then got the girls together for another event together- an office baby shower that everyone had for the two of us! So nice! I didn't get very many pictures that day either - these two were pretty funny laying here together. They were whacking each other in the arm and face, and then started simultaneously spitting up - that was glad I don't have twins! Oh, and as you can see, neither want to look in the same direction at the same time!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Oldie

This is an oldie, but a really goodie! We spent a few hours (yes hours) watching videos from when Grace was a little tike. So cute! And so glad we have those memories to look back at. There were so many little things we forgot about.

Grace loved her friends at her daycare, Markel's. Here we're asking her about all of her friends at daycare and if she's excited to see them. I LOVE her reaction. She's looking at each of my parents to show her excitement.

Seriously, somebody get the girl a kleenex. And put her to bed, she's so tired!
And Cody always used to say she didn't have red hair, please.

Hope we're just as diligent (if not more) with Annie and the video camera. There were so many priceless moments on these tapes.

A day in the life (3)

Hello again! It's me, Annie! It's been awhile. Life has changed a lot since my last day in the life. I went on a few trips to Minnesota. I've met all of my great grandparents now. I met nearly everyone from both Mom's sides of the family and Dad's. Even Uncle Gary and Aunt Linda from Cleveland. 

I have also started at daycare now. Last week was Mom's first full week back at work. I wasn't so sure about the whole bottle thing. Snuggling and eating with Momma is just so much cozier! Apparently Mom is going to "the big city" as she calls it in a few weeks and apparently I need to have "the bottle thing" figured up by then. Mom hasn't figured out that this is my way of trying to keep her home!!

Everyone keeps saying I'm such a good baby! I'll pretty much talk to anyone, got that from my big sister I've been told, and have been learning more and more sounds to make everyday! 

Still love my sleep, however, I'd rather just take capnaps in the day right now, don't want to miss anything!

Love to you all! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Forever Sisters Book

I've been loving on the photos that we had done of the girls when Annie was a newborn. The pictures are lovely and I'm so happy we were able to capture those precious moments. I put them in a photobook, and I can't wait until it comes in the mail! Excited. Here's a look at it:

You'll love Shutterflys award-winning photo books. Try it today.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tricks and Treats

We had a nice Halloween, it was a great day, beautiful outside. Grace had a nice party at school, fun at daycare and Tricks and treats around my office!

And treats!
Grace was Princess Belle

ONE of her favorite Ashley's! She was so excited to see her. She kept running back into her space to hang out with her. 

 And Annie was our little elephant. I didn't get any spectacular pictures of either of the kiddos. Grace was too busy running, and we were leaving Annie content. She stayed awake nearly the entire time and was content as ever. I wasn't about to have her and Grace pose for a photo risking Annie getting mad.

 Love these girls and their pretty faces!

A couple of Grace's besties were running around the office. This is Nick and Anni, Nick is Grace's birthday buddy - he's made an appearance or two on the blog before. His mom and I are still trying to arrange their marriage. 

And the elephant is out!

It was a good time, and it's nice to have the kids in a central place trapped indoors. Nice to not have to knock on strangers doors. We went out to supper afterward and were planning on just going around to people's houses whom we knew and the neighborhood. As soon as we got loaded up to go, Grace said..."Mom, I have enough candy. I want to go home and take a bath." So without blinking and eye, Cody put it on auto-pilot and got us home before her mind was changed! She loved handing out candy to a few trick or treaters at our house too.