Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monthly Photo Series - 1 Month

Little Miss Annie Kate is already a month old! Crazy how fast that month went. We are gettin into a really fun age. I loved the fresh, fresh newborn stage also, with all the sleepy cuddles. However, now we're in a stage where she is just starting to interact with us a lot more and talk back to us when we talk to her. And smiles galore! So sweet!

And just so everyone knows, she isn't a happy go lucky girl all the time. Life is real. Here are some outtakes. It may be terrible to admit, but before she gets really crabby she goes through a sweet little pout phase first with the cutest pouty lip! Love it!

1 comment:

  1. She is so, so cute! I remember seeing pictures of little G in the fall, when she was just itty bitty with some pumpkins (I think) & fall decor. Will you do the same with Miss Annie? :)

    Love her - wish I could snuggle with her. You're giving me baby fever. ;) Well let's be real, you're worsening it... I've had it for a bit, ha.


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