Thursday, October 18, 2012


Haven't been around the blog for awhile. We've been busy going to a wedding in Minnesota, hanging out with Cody's family - his Aunt and Uncle from Cleveland were visiting Onida, so we were able to enjoy their company. I hadn't met his Aunt Linda yet, what fun they are! Wish they lived closer.

Here are a few random photos from life around the house. They were all taken with my iPad so they aren't very good quality.

Annie was supposed to be having tummy time here - as you can see - she just decided to fall asleep instead. Who needs tummy time! :)
 Apple crisp for breakfast! Yes please! As I started on my Facebook, who is going to tell me otherwise...1. I'm still on maternity leave 2. There is fruit in it. Please.

We have this weirdo in our family. Seriously Lola, your hair looks like a mans chest hair sticking out of his shirt. She's the strangest cat I've ever known.

Um, ya. Then there is this charming happening. Feel like it happens every other day around here. I swear baby poop is the only thing that can defy gravity. This stain is no where near the point of exit.

How about this pose? This is the definition of comfy. She's on her sisters dream blanket made by Nana. (Jen, this is the blanket I was telling you my mom made for Grace - pretty cute huh?)'s so cozy!

I'll be back with more next week. I'll try to round up some photos from family member who took photos at my cousin Callie's wedding, which I was in. I didn't have my camera around for good photo taking! Darnit. This weekend we are also going to a wedding in Minnesota for my cousin Lisa. I'm not in this wedding, so hopefully I'll be better about taking photos!

Until then!

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