Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Richter crew!

I snapped a few photos this morning, and Cody tried getting some of us girls also...the girls picture didn't turn out too well. We'll be sure to get lots of photos this afternoon and this evening when they are all dressed up in their actual costumes.

 Sweet Annie in her cute orange onesie. She looks great in this orange. She also looks beautiful in purples and greens too. Must be the hair color. By the way, she also wanted me to let you know that this is her "flat hair" look. It's usually poofed out in an afro, but I concentrated on combing it down last night after bath. Momma and Dad dig the afro look though.
Whoa! Something terrifying just crawled across my changing table! ScArY! Boo!

The girls.

Grandma Michele bought Annie a super cute candy corn hat and bib. We had a problem. #BigHeadInALittleHat type problem. Not sure if my daughters head is huge, or if the hat was made for a fresh newborn. Regardless, that wasn't happening, so she was just rockin' her bib instead.

We'll be back with trick or treat photos in a few days.

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