Sunday, October 28, 2012

A September Evening

The dates on the files of these photos marks that they were taken on September 24. That's over a month ago. Life happens I guess. These are too cute not to share. Plus looking at the green grass makes me happier than looking out on our leafy grass that needs another raking.

I think I've shared before that Grace is an AWESOME baseball/softball player. She's always wanting to play bat and ball. She can hit it over to the neighbors lawn (and maybe has hit their house in the past! :)). Good thing it's just a plastic bat and ball so far.

She's even got great form. She hits the best when we remind her how to position her feet. She must get her skills from her Dad who was a former college baseball player.

And here's the little cheerleader on the sidelines. However,  her eyes were basically glued to me (they have been since the day she was born!) the whole time rather than watching any of the action.

 These three were having a grand time together!

We're already missing that green grass and cooled off evenings that fall is known for. It quickly has become cold enough out to not want to stay out too long. Bummer. Annie was able to enjoy some walks around the neighborhood in her stroller, but now I'm sure we'll have to move those walks indoors to Pierre's wonderful mall.

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