Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Richter crew!

I snapped a few photos this morning, and Cody tried getting some of us girls also...the girls picture didn't turn out too well. We'll be sure to get lots of photos this afternoon and this evening when they are all dressed up in their actual costumes.

 Sweet Annie in her cute orange onesie. She looks great in this orange. She also looks beautiful in purples and greens too. Must be the hair color. By the way, she also wanted me to let you know that this is her "flat hair" look. It's usually poofed out in an afro, but I concentrated on combing it down last night after bath. Momma and Dad dig the afro look though.
Whoa! Something terrifying just crawled across my changing table! ScArY! Boo!

The girls.

Grandma Michele bought Annie a super cute candy corn hat and bib. We had a problem. #BigHeadInALittleHat type problem. Not sure if my daughters head is huge, or if the hat was made for a fresh newborn. Regardless, that wasn't happening, so she was just rockin' her bib instead.

We'll be back with trick or treat photos in a few days.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A September Evening

The dates on the files of these photos marks that they were taken on September 24. That's over a month ago. Life happens I guess. These are too cute not to share. Plus looking at the green grass makes me happier than looking out on our leafy grass that needs another raking.

I think I've shared before that Grace is an AWESOME baseball/softball player. She's always wanting to play bat and ball. She can hit it over to the neighbors lawn (and maybe has hit their house in the past! :)). Good thing it's just a plastic bat and ball so far.

She's even got great form. She hits the best when we remind her how to position her feet. She must get her skills from her Dad who was a former college baseball player.

And here's the little cheerleader on the sidelines. However,  her eyes were basically glued to me (they have been since the day she was born!) the whole time rather than watching any of the action.

 These three were having a grand time together!

We're already missing that green grass and cooled off evenings that fall is known for. It quickly has become cold enough out to not want to stay out too long. Bummer. Annie was able to enjoy some walks around the neighborhood in her stroller, but now I'm sure we'll have to move those walks indoors to Pierre's wonderful mall.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Haven't been around the blog for awhile. We've been busy going to a wedding in Minnesota, hanging out with Cody's family - his Aunt and Uncle from Cleveland were visiting Onida, so we were able to enjoy their company. I hadn't met his Aunt Linda yet, what fun they are! Wish they lived closer.

Here are a few random photos from life around the house. They were all taken with my iPad so they aren't very good quality.

Annie was supposed to be having tummy time here - as you can see - she just decided to fall asleep instead. Who needs tummy time! :)
 Apple crisp for breakfast! Yes please! As I started on my Facebook, who is going to tell me otherwise...1. I'm still on maternity leave 2. There is fruit in it. Please.

We have this weirdo in our family. Seriously Lola, your hair looks like a mans chest hair sticking out of his shirt. She's the strangest cat I've ever known.

Um, ya. Then there is this charming happening. Feel like it happens every other day around here. I swear baby poop is the only thing that can defy gravity. This stain is no where near the point of exit.

How about this pose? This is the definition of comfy. She's on her sisters dream blanket made by Nana. (Jen, this is the blanket I was telling you my mom made for Grace - pretty cute huh?)'s so cozy!

I'll be back with more next week. I'll try to round up some photos from family member who took photos at my cousin Callie's wedding, which I was in. I didn't have my camera around for good photo taking! Darnit. This weekend we are also going to a wedding in Minnesota for my cousin Lisa. I'm not in this wedding, so hopefully I'll be better about taking photos!

Until then!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monthly Photo Series - 1 Month

Little Miss Annie Kate is already a month old! Crazy how fast that month went. We are gettin into a really fun age. I loved the fresh, fresh newborn stage also, with all the sleepy cuddles. However, now we're in a stage where she is just starting to interact with us a lot more and talk back to us when we talk to her. And smiles galore! So sweet!

And just so everyone knows, she isn't a happy go lucky girl all the time. Life is real. Here are some outtakes. It may be terrible to admit, but before she gets really crabby she goes through a sweet little pout phase first with the cutest pouty lip! Love it!