Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo Gallery Wall

Since we moved in, we had these three photos hanging in the stairway near the front door on the way downstairs. I always really liked them here, and loved the photos in the frames. 

A few months ago I received some beautiful photos from a photo session back when Grace was two. I was silly and never ordered any prints from that session. The wonderful CA from sent me a surprise in the mail with several of the prints inside. I had to get them up on the wall and added to the gallery.

I really like the additions to this wall, however, now I'm thinking that I'm going to have to add several more now that Miss Annie made her appearance. I'll have to figure out if we'll be adding more frames or replacing pictures. I would hate to see any of these photos replaced!

We'll keep up to date on the progress of this wall.

(The wall color is a balance between the first photo, which is too tan looking than it looks in real life, and the yellows in the next photos, which is brighter than real life.)

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