Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Introducing Annie Kate

Hello blog world and friends and family! Sorry it's been awhile, and I know that many have been anxiously awaiting seeing some pictures of the new addition. She made her way into the world on Wednesday, August 29th. She came gracefully and has been a beautiful perfect addition ever since. Life already has begun to feel regular and normal, which I'm thankful for.

These pictures were taken by my mother-in-law (who as you know, her photos frequently make a guest appearance on our blog) when Annie was just over 24 hours old. I'm thankful for these great photos, love them - thanks Michele!

As you can see, Grace is a GREAT big sister, she can't get enough of "baby sister" as she's often called. It's nice to have her extra little hands around for helping. She's great at helping find pacifiers, holding baby, helping change diapers (she likes her job to be disposing of the dirty, not bad!!!).

Annie's stats:
Birthday - 8.29.12
Time of birth - 8:24 a.m.
Length - 20.5 inches
Weight 7.1 pounds

Stay tuned, I'll try to keep up with posting some updates.

We have lots to be grateful for. Great help (family and a great neighbor), great support from family and friends, wonderful gifts, and a beautiful healthy family. God is good!


  1. Sooooo precious! Great photos! LOVE the one with her eyes open looking at the camera! And all that hair is to die for! So happy for your family. A wonderful gift.

    1. Thanks Jen! Love these photos too! So glad these little moments were captured.


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