Monday, September 17, 2012

Cousins Unite

Growing up I was lucky enough to be very close to my cousins. I think that somewhat comes with the territory of being an only child - those cousins were like siblings to me. I was fortunate to have a few that were within a year of the same age as me - we still remain very close. However, I was equally as close to my older cousins, who I very much looked up to.

Grace and Annie are lucky to have cousins on Cody's side of the family (since I'm an only child, they won't have cousins on my side) and they are both boys. Connor and Cameron. Grace loves both of them - she has a unique relationship with each.

They were able to come and visit and meet Annie a few weekends ago. Love them dearly, but this just proved to me that I wasn't made to have boys - I don't think I'd know how to deal with them (okay, I'd obviously learn and it would just be a part of life...but they are different than girls!!!). Connor is a great big brother and a great older cousin - he sacrifices a lot for these little people in his life! And THE BEAR CUB, I mean Cameron, is so hilarious. He's a little beast man, and actually weighs more than Grace who is three years older than him! He can be a snuggle bug, but he can also be a bulldozer!

I didn't get all too many pictures, but a few, and I'm glad I got these.
Cousin Connor and Annie

Cody's Grandma came down for a few hours to see her Great Grandkids and Grandkids. She enjoyed watching the kiddos play together (and holding Annie of course!). Glad these kiddos get to know their Great Grandma so well and she's so healthy and involved in their lives - a special thing for a child to remember is their Great Grandparents.

The Great Grands and Grandma Marcella

The cousins (minus Annie + Uncle Dean) enjoying a movie and popcorn on the sofa. Note how both of the littles want to be around Connor - he's a popular guy in the family!

Family is great, and memories are beautifully made.

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