Friday, September 28, 2012

A day in the life (2)

Hello, it's me Annie again. Life has been good this week - the weather has been so nice! Momma and I have been spending a lot of time on the deck swinging on the swing in the afternoons. We both get so snuggly and cuddly out there together, if only the darn boxelder bugs wouldn't freak my mom out!

Momma keeps getting all giddy in the morning when I smile and 'talk' to her. I don't know what the big deal is, I'm usually just making some magic happen in my pants anyway - she likes to think it's because I like her singing (wrong!).

Still hating my baths - and Momma still hasn't gotten the hint that I hate lotion. She thinking of trying to invent some device that will heat lotion like the wipe warmer machine, only for lotion. Might not be a bad idea, I keep telling her I'll invest all of my piggy bank money into the project - which isn't much yet..I might have to steal from my big sister's bank - she's got quite the load down there.

Other new things for me is my crazy breakout of infant acne - my Dad thinks is like I'm a 15 year old teenage football player who lives in a sweaty helmet. Just a stage, just a stage. My eyes keep getting glued shut from clogged tear ducts - annoying!

I sleep well, eat well, rest well and talk to my family. I'm pretty much the star of the show around here these days. My big sister is pretty cool too - I love, love to look at her and see what she's doing, she's the funniest!

I love the sound of my Mom's voice, Dad had a birthday party here last weekend, and whenever someone else was holding I had my necked turned like an owl toward the direction of Mommy's voice (just don't sing Mom, then we're good!).

PS - Do you see how strong my head is? I'm a champ and can hold it up for a long time, and even turn it from side to side when laying on my tummy. Big stuff!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Good Reminder

Parenting isn't always easy. It gets even more interesting when you have more bodies to parent. Those little bodies have so much going on in their lives, and they are so busy trying to learn and take in all of their surroundings. Despite all of the challenging times, it's good to remember this...

This happened to pop up on my Facebook wall today. I needed this reminder today. Everything is just a phase, or a stage, and there will always be stages we'll be happy to leave behind, but there will certainly be more that we wish we could go back to, or wish we would have soaked up more of.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo Gallery Wall

Since we moved in, we had these three photos hanging in the stairway near the front door on the way downstairs. I always really liked them here, and loved the photos in the frames. 

A few months ago I received some beautiful photos from a photo session back when Grace was two. I was silly and never ordered any prints from that session. The wonderful CA from sent me a surprise in the mail with several of the prints inside. I had to get them up on the wall and added to the gallery.

I really like the additions to this wall, however, now I'm thinking that I'm going to have to add several more now that Miss Annie made her appearance. I'll have to figure out if we'll be adding more frames or replacing pictures. I would hate to see any of these photos replaced!

We'll keep up to date on the progress of this wall.

(The wall color is a balance between the first photo, which is too tan looking than it looks in real life, and the yellows in the next photos, which is brighter than real life.)

A day in the life...

Hi, I'm Annie. A day in the life of me so far isn't too rough - but apparently Mom thinks otherwise today. She keeps telling me I'm a "stinker." Aren't I supposed to poop lots? They were counting my poops at the hospital when I was born and right away at home (I was hoping to set a record, I like to come out on top, you know).

This morning Mom said something about me being a stinker when I pooped out of my diaper onto the clothes she just put on herself. She said I don't give her much time to herself, so she was proud that she got showered and dressed promptly this morning - only to have to change again.

Then I kept urping up all over myself and her (I guess she can't handle a little puke on her shoulder, please, what is she, a super model?). So she thought it was time for a bath. I don't think I've told you yet, but I HATE BATHS. I HATE getting out of the bath even more, and even more than that I HATE LOTION. Yuck! Cold! Leave me snuggled in my blanket!

She decided to put this cute, cozy little outfit on me this morning. The trouble was, it was a complex outfit and it was so annoying when she was trying to JAM my head through that little hole and RAM my arms through these things called sleeves. And so many buttons!!!! Hasn't she figured out those zippered one pieces are much easier on the both of us? The cat was even concerned for me - thought my Mother was trying to put a life saving vest on or something it was so difficult.

Anyway, as I'm writing this I'm looking out the window in my bouncer seat dealing with the hiccups. Mom keeps shoving my CoCo (pacifier) in my mouth, apparently she thinks I might spit up again. She keeps threatening me with another bath. No thanks!

I think I'll just say "goodnight" for a few hours instead.

Oh, one more thing. These pictures were taken after my bath. My mom doesn't comb my hair afterward because she likes the "ducky feather hair" look. I'm not so sure about it. It kind of stands on end and is a little, or not cool?


I can't wait to watch these two grow up together!

Grace is still loving being a big sister. I'm thankful the new shiny part of this hasn't worn off - she hasn't gotten sick of her hogging all of the attention yet - thank goodness. I think the age difference is making this easier on Grace.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cousins Unite

Growing up I was lucky enough to be very close to my cousins. I think that somewhat comes with the territory of being an only child - those cousins were like siblings to me. I was fortunate to have a few that were within a year of the same age as me - we still remain very close. However, I was equally as close to my older cousins, who I very much looked up to.

Grace and Annie are lucky to have cousins on Cody's side of the family (since I'm an only child, they won't have cousins on my side) and they are both boys. Connor and Cameron. Grace loves both of them - she has a unique relationship with each.

They were able to come and visit and meet Annie a few weekends ago. Love them dearly, but this just proved to me that I wasn't made to have boys - I don't think I'd know how to deal with them (okay, I'd obviously learn and it would just be a part of life...but they are different than girls!!!). Connor is a great big brother and a great older cousin - he sacrifices a lot for these little people in his life! And THE BEAR CUB, I mean Cameron, is so hilarious. He's a little beast man, and actually weighs more than Grace who is three years older than him! He can be a snuggle bug, but he can also be a bulldozer!

I didn't get all too many pictures, but a few, and I'm glad I got these.
Cousin Connor and Annie

Cody's Grandma came down for a few hours to see her Great Grandkids and Grandkids. She enjoyed watching the kiddos play together (and holding Annie of course!). Glad these kiddos get to know their Great Grandma so well and she's so healthy and involved in their lives - a special thing for a child to remember is their Great Grandparents.

The Great Grands and Grandma Marcella

The cousins (minus Annie + Uncle Dean) enjoying a movie and popcorn on the sofa. Note how both of the littles want to be around Connor - he's a popular guy in the family!

Family is great, and memories are beautifully made.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Peeking in...

There is nothing like the little moments in life. Last night while rocking Annie, all I could hear was extreme giggling coming from downstairs. Cody and Grace were supposed to be snuggling before bed. Didn't sound like sleeping to me. But it was too cute to not investigate.

So I went downstairs, and luckily, Grace's bedroom door was cracked open slightly. The two of them were in there reading "Tickle Monster" and Grace was getting attacked. All I could do was peek in and watch the best daddy in the world give the cutest blonde I know a tickle torture. The sound of her goofy giggle is heart warming, and seeing your husband as a daddy is melting!

So glad the door was cracked open so I could take in that fun moment! Cody noticed me after awhile, and I was able to sneak up on Grace for one final kiss and hug before she drifted off to sleep.

I love watching these three together!

Life is good.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yellow Dresser

This project has been complete for a few months now, just haven't gotten around to posting it. It was a fun one though. We got a headboard and a dresser from my Grandma's bedroom set. The headboard is in the guest bedroom and it got painted green shortly after we moved in to our house.

The dresser didn't come to our house until the last year or so, and finally got around to deciding on a location for it, along with a paint color. We (okay I) decided that something bright and fun would really be nice in our downstairs (mancave) living room. Yellow was the winner! I'm loving it!

Here's how it was looking before ( the chair next to it is from this project)
The dresser looks pretty blah and boring here now, but functional since it holds all of our DVD's and Wii games.

Close up of the priming process (decided to spray prime shortly after this). Wish that we could have found a yellow that we liked in spray too - of course, no such luck.

Final product. Love the bright yellow color. I kept the same hardware, just spray painted them an oil rubbed bronze color - like how they turned out also. 

As you can see from the original photo, this dresser didn't have feet. A few weeks after we painted it, I felt like it looked so heavy without feet, and we had remembered we had four feet from our bathroom vanity that we removed because it would have been too tall with feet. Plus, I'd been seeing a lot of gals adding feet to dressers in the blog world - loved the look. Really like how it lifts and lightens this piece up. The round legs really go well with the scroll design (that were a HUGE pain to paint) in the drawers of this piece.

Realized that I haven't posted any photos of this room since we've moved it. It's come a long way, but it has a really long way to go still. But it's certainly livable for now.

We're still looking to:
take out the (cement?) tile
replace flooring with a laminate wood - thick 6 inch barnwood plank looking style
buy barstools
new sectional

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bedding + Bedroom Progress

I finally was able to find some bedding that I liked enough to purchase. And we got to painting that dang green bedroom back earlier this summer too. Long time waiting.

Here's an update on our bedding...


We've still got some work to do in here. I'd love to get matching night stands so that our lamps are at the same height. I also need to move these cute lamp shades downstairs into the living room and get something else up here because right now it's majorly clashing. Progress...progress.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, kind, loving, handsome (okay HOT, sorry Mom and MIL!), amazing, ever supportive hubby! He's 30 today! OLD!!!!!

Although he's not home today for us to share his special day with him, we want him to know that we love him so very much and can't wait for him to get home to give him birthday squeezes!!! He's an amazing father to two beautiful girls - watching him with my girls makes my heart melt. He has lots of girls who are anxious for him to get home (including Remington!).

Honey, remember when we were young and shiny like this? Don't worry, I still love you now that you're 30.

Especially because instead of rocking the backward hat, you now rock looks like this:
Grace and Cody 2009

Cody and Annie 2012

Love you hunny! Can't wait to celebrate with you!

We're Thinking of You

My heart aches this week for my girlfriend Jen. She lost someone very special to her, her grandfather, her father figure, a man that was very dear to her. They had to travel long distance with her two kiddos to attend his funeral, and by the way it sounds, she should be so very proud of the way her children handled the emotional situation. She's a great mother, friend, wife, granddaughter, daughter, nurse, and so much more.

I found this poem online that I thought she might enjoy to read and wanted to share:

If Tears Could Build A Stairway
If tears could build a stairway
and thoughts a memory lane
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again
No Farewell words were spoken
No time to say good-bye
You were gone before I knew it
And only God knows why.
My heart's still active in sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one can ever know.
But now I know you want us
To mourn for you no more
To remember all the happy times
Life still has much in store.
Since you'll never be forgotten
I pledge to you today
A hallowed place within my heart
Is where you'll always stay.
God knows why, with chilling touch,
Death gathers those we love so much,
And what now seems so strange and dim,
Will all be clear, when we meet Him.
I Knew you for a Moment

I wish that we lived a little closer to her so that we could have been there for her and her family during their time of grief. I wish I could have brought her coffee this morning and sat outside and just talked with her. I wish I could have scooped up their kiddos for her so she could grieve at the funeral without worrying about what her kiddos were thinking. However, I can send lots or prayers and well wishes - and that's what we've been doing this week. Jen, thanks for being an awesome friend who is always there for me, even from miles and miles away. WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of School

This post is a little behind as my BIG GIRL started KINDERGARTEN back on the 20something-ish of August! She was ready to go! So were Momma and Daddy - we weren't too sad about her heading off her for her first big day, mostly excited for her as she was very eager to go. 

Grace's first day of school, and Mommy at 39.5 weeks pregnant

Outside her classroom at school.

She's been greatly enjoying her time at school, and is excited each and everyday. This makes it easy for our family to adjust to be getting so big as she doesn't dread going. After school, she goes to daycare and then comes home for the evening. She's an exhausted little girl most evenings. She's already been learning so much, and I can't believe that by the end of the year she'll be reading. Crazy!

Monthly Series: Just Born

We're going to try to do a monthly photo series with little Miss Annie. This is the start of the monthly series at "Just Born." We'll plan on trying to get photos taken around the very end of the month or the beginning of the  month to stay consistent.

A quick look at Annie's room. There will be a few changes happening in here like some new bedding and some new photos/art replacing the five photos of Grace dancing. Debating over using the frames to spell out Annie, or get a series of photos for her up there. We'll see.

Thank you to my friend Hayley for this beautiful pink blanket that she knit herself as a gift for Annie. It's a great fun, vintage pink color and so very soft! We love it!