Monday, August 13, 2012


I feel like I'm digging deeper and deeper into a hole with projects! A few weeks ago, my cousin Lisa was so sweet and so kind to send us some boxes that she picked up at IKEA for us (of course, they were out of stock when we were there). I feel like about 50 million of these are on top of me down as we're drowning in things to do!

These are going into Grace's storage unit in her new bedroom downstairs. I'm putting the finishing touches on these with labels so she knows exactly what is in each box....we'll share pictures of her new room downstairs soon! She spent her first two nights in her new room and is doing great down there. She wasn't too thrilled about heading down there - but I think she's figured out that she only sleeps down there anyway, and we're just a "holler" away in case she needs something.

(Don't mind the caterpillar temperature reading sticker on her forehead, she was struggling with a sore throat a few weeks ago.)

One favorite quote from this whole process came from a few weeks ago when we were starting to prep this room to be a bedroom. I told Grace that we would be working on getting changing her playroom into a bedroom, all she had to say was "....not exciting." In a totally "not excited" voice. :) Sweet thing.

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