Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Place

Sorry for the lack of blogging over here at Richterville. We've been busy soaking up the last pieces of summer, doing projects around the house, finishing up our traveling for the summer and preparing for the new addition.

Just thought I'd share a some quick photos from earlier this week...we were able to go up to Gettysburg to my girlfriends ranch and surround Grace with her favorite things. Ashley has about 20 horses, 6 goats, lots of cows, and best of all, baby kittens! They are about 5 weeks old. Stinkin. Adorable. So combined with horse riding, goat teasing, baby kittens, Ashley, her sister Callie, mother Barb and a "gator," Grace was basically in heaven. Seriously. The girl didn't even want her Grandma to sit next to her on the way up there because Ashley was in involved - on the way home (after 3 hours of chasing around the farm) Grace was exhausted and insisted on holding Ashley's hand the whole way home. Adorable.

Here's a few pictures, thankfully Michele (my mother-in-law) was along and had her camera...I left most of the picture taking up to her.

All in all, Michele and Grace were in their happy place. Ashley's mom Barb took Michele and I out to the pasture so that Michele could nab some sunset photos (which turned out AWESOME). And of course, she found other things to photograph including her granddaughter horseback riding, rustic barn life, the horses, and of course the scenery. I'll post more of those from her when she gets a chance to upload them at home (they are staying with us this week during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally).

So a BIG THANK YOU to Ashley and her family for loving up on Grace (and Michele) and treating us all to a special evening. It might have been the best night of Grace's life. She latched on to Ashley and her sister Callie and loved every minute of them doting on her. She wanted to take Ashley and Callie home with her (along with a handful of horses and a few kittens). No such luck.

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