Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Happenings

As usual, Grace had a lot going on for her birthday. It fell on a Saturday this year, so Thursday night she had a friend party, then the Richter crew came on Saturday to celebrate. The next weekend we were headed to Minnesota, so we celebrated with my family a week later. So much love in this family!

Also as usual, I'm a month behind in posting. Seriously. Figured I better get these up here for my own sake. And if I don't do it now, it certainly was bound to be yet another month.

Birthday Party with Friends
I convinced Grace that we didn't need another rainbow birthday party. I was a bit slacky this year compared to last. We went with a Princess Tea Party theme and let her guests bring along their princess costumes and a baby to have a tea party with.

Table set for the princesses

The goodies

Party favors at each setting

And some of the princesses!

Not only is there something strange going on with my camera, resulting a lot of this, but this is kind of what the night felt like anyway. I'm not sure how you make birthday parties easy on the parents - if anyone figures that out - let me know!

Again, sad my camera was flipping out on me and I wasn't able to get a lot of great pictures. This one would have been perfect had my camera not been silly. 

Birthday with the Richter's
Love this one of the three cousins. Especially Cameron's face!

She loves her older cousin Connor! So glad they were able to make it for the day.

Cameron owning the yard - and his hot bod swimsuit look!

My sweet 5 year old on her birthday! So pretty!

Another fun face from Cameron!

Birthday at Nana & Poppa's
A mini sized cake was just perfect for the small little group - plus it was cute as a button....and tasty too!

What's better than cash on your birthday? A whole WAD of cash on your birthday. Counting out these one dollar bills totally made Grace's day! Good idea Nana and Poppa!

Well, that was an extremely long post pull of photos, but wanted to make sure they were up here so we can look back on this day next year. Can't believe she's 5 already an in kindergarten. Where does time go? Guess we're blessed that we get to start this fun period in a child's life all over again soon.


  1. You are an awesome momma!! Grace will have so many awesome memories, esp. her birthday ones!
    P.S. I love your dishes that you used for the party!

    1. Thanks Heather! It was a fun party.

      Thanks for the compliments on our dishes - they are actually just our everyday dishes - love the classic white too!

  2. Myah is so jealous!! Great idea Katy, may have to steal it!

    1. Yes, Jen, this party would be RIGHT up Myah's alley! Seriously! Wish that Myah could have been a party guest!

  3. What a sweetie! Look forward to your new book on Kid's Party Themes!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Aunt Robin! Grace had a pretty good time. We got our book in the mail from last years party with Michele's pictures. LOVE it!


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