Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Buddies

These two are hilarious together. Nick and Grace share a birthday together - Nick is one year older than Grace to the date. Last year, we began the tradition of going out to birthday breakfast at Perkins on or around their birthdays to celebrate together. 

The two of them were pretty cute together. I work with Nick's mom Tasha, and as she put it, it felt like we were sitting in on their first date - SO TRUE! Nick leaned over the table and asked Grace, "Grace, how do you like your pancakes?" .... she got all flushed and said, "They're good." In a completely non-Grace shy tone. Too funny. Love them together.

Aren't they sweet together?

Oh...wait. The truth comes out!!!

Their personalities compliment each other very well. Nick is cautious yet outgoing, while Grace is adventurous and outgoing. I think that I'd be okay with them going to prom together someday.

I really hope that this breakfast birthday date continues until they are at least 18 and seniors in high school. It will be so fun to watch them grow up, change, and stay the same together.

Speaking of the two of them are together from last year.

                                                 2011                                                                                                      2012

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