Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Happenings

As usual, Grace had a lot going on for her birthday. It fell on a Saturday this year, so Thursday night she had a friend party, then the Richter crew came on Saturday to celebrate. The next weekend we were headed to Minnesota, so we celebrated with my family a week later. So much love in this family!

Also as usual, I'm a month behind in posting. Seriously. Figured I better get these up here for my own sake. And if I don't do it now, it certainly was bound to be yet another month.

Birthday Party with Friends
I convinced Grace that we didn't need another rainbow birthday party. I was a bit slacky this year compared to last. We went with a Princess Tea Party theme and let her guests bring along their princess costumes and a baby to have a tea party with.

Table set for the princesses

The goodies

Party favors at each setting

And some of the princesses!

Not only is there something strange going on with my camera, resulting a lot of this, but this is kind of what the night felt like anyway. I'm not sure how you make birthday parties easy on the parents - if anyone figures that out - let me know!

Again, sad my camera was flipping out on me and I wasn't able to get a lot of great pictures. This one would have been perfect had my camera not been silly. 

Birthday with the Richter's
Love this one of the three cousins. Especially Cameron's face!

She loves her older cousin Connor! So glad they were able to make it for the day.

Cameron owning the yard - and his hot bod swimsuit look!

My sweet 5 year old on her birthday! So pretty!

Another fun face from Cameron!

Birthday at Nana & Poppa's
A mini sized cake was just perfect for the small little group - plus it was cute as a button....and tasty too!

What's better than cash on your birthday? A whole WAD of cash on your birthday. Counting out these one dollar bills totally made Grace's day! Good idea Nana and Poppa!

Well, that was an extremely long post pull of photos, but wanted to make sure they were up here so we can look back on this day next year. Can't believe she's 5 already an in kindergarten. Where does time go? Guess we're blessed that we get to start this fun period in a child's life all over again soon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bierman Family Reunion

Last year we missed out on the Bierman Family Reunion at my Aunt Joan's house...perhaps thankfully as it was scorching hot all weekend and everyone was dripping with sweat. This year, my Mom and Dad hosted the reunion at their house - we were able to secure lodging in my bedroom, rather than shacking up camping - whohoo, especially for this lady who was 8 months pregnant at the time.

I love watching these girls together. My grandma currently has 6 great-granddaughters, no great-grandsons. The arrive of our second baby girl will make that 7 great-granddaughters and no great-grandsons. Crazy weird. Brianne is a bit older than these other three pictured, but Elyse, Grace and Ava are all within 9 months of each other. Then there is baby Evelyn who will just be turning 1 at the end of the month, and new baby Charlotte who was just born this May. Ours will be at the end of August so last three will be really close in age too.

The girlies spent a lot of time on the Gator. Ride after ride after ride. If they weren't on this one, they were on Grace's mini Gator tooling around the yard. That thing got a lot of miles on it over the weekend.

 Missing baby Charlotte, she is only a few months old at this point, so she wasn't up for photo taking in the grass with the other girls.

I was terrible and didn't have my camera out nearly the entire weekend. I don't know what I was thinking. Hopefully my cousin Emily got some photos from throughout the weekend to document more memories!

It was great to see nearly everyone, and my grandparents too. There was also a shower for my cousin Callie who is getting married at the end of October - glad we were able to be there for that since I'll be missing her bachelorette party at the end of the month right around my due date.

Fun times filled with camping, laughing, too much food, drinks and a good amount of socializing! Thanks for hosting a great weekend mom and dad!


I feel like I'm digging deeper and deeper into a hole with projects! A few weeks ago, my cousin Lisa was so sweet and so kind to send us some boxes that she picked up at IKEA for us (of course, they were out of stock when we were there). I feel like about 50 million of these are on top of me down as we're drowning in things to do!

These are going into Grace's storage unit in her new bedroom downstairs. I'm putting the finishing touches on these with labels so she knows exactly what is in each box....we'll share pictures of her new room downstairs soon! She spent her first two nights in her new room and is doing great down there. She wasn't too thrilled about heading down there - but I think she's figured out that she only sleeps down there anyway, and we're just a "holler" away in case she needs something.

(Don't mind the caterpillar temperature reading sticker on her forehead, she was struggling with a sore throat a few weeks ago.)

One favorite quote from this whole process came from a few weeks ago when we were starting to prep this room to be a bedroom. I told Grace that we would be working on getting changing her playroom into a bedroom, all she had to say was "....not exciting." In a totally "not excited" voice. :) Sweet thing.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Place

Sorry for the lack of blogging over here at Richterville. We've been busy soaking up the last pieces of summer, doing projects around the house, finishing up our traveling for the summer and preparing for the new addition.

Just thought I'd share a some quick photos from earlier this week...we were able to go up to Gettysburg to my girlfriends ranch and surround Grace with her favorite things. Ashley has about 20 horses, 6 goats, lots of cows, and best of all, baby kittens! They are about 5 weeks old. Stinkin. Adorable. So combined with horse riding, goat teasing, baby kittens, Ashley, her sister Callie, mother Barb and a "gator," Grace was basically in heaven. Seriously. The girl didn't even want her Grandma to sit next to her on the way up there because Ashley was in involved - on the way home (after 3 hours of chasing around the farm) Grace was exhausted and insisted on holding Ashley's hand the whole way home. Adorable.

Here's a few pictures, thankfully Michele (my mother-in-law) was along and had her camera...I left most of the picture taking up to her.

All in all, Michele and Grace were in their happy place. Ashley's mom Barb took Michele and I out to the pasture so that Michele could nab some sunset photos (which turned out AWESOME). And of course, she found other things to photograph including her granddaughter horseback riding, rustic barn life, the horses, and of course the scenery. I'll post more of those from her when she gets a chance to upload them at home (they are staying with us this week during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally).

So a BIG THANK YOU to Ashley and her family for loving up on Grace (and Michele) and treating us all to a special evening. It might have been the best night of Grace's life. She latched on to Ashley and her sister Callie and loved every minute of them doting on her. She wanted to take Ashley and Callie home with her (along with a handful of horses and a few kittens). No such luck.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Buddies

These two are hilarious together. Nick and Grace share a birthday together - Nick is one year older than Grace to the date. Last year, we began the tradition of going out to birthday breakfast at Perkins on or around their birthdays to celebrate together. 

The two of them were pretty cute together. I work with Nick's mom Tasha, and as she put it, it felt like we were sitting in on their first date - SO TRUE! Nick leaned over the table and asked Grace, "Grace, how do you like your pancakes?" .... she got all flushed and said, "They're good." In a completely non-Grace shy tone. Too funny. Love them together.

Aren't they sweet together?

Oh...wait. The truth comes out!!!

Their personalities compliment each other very well. Nick is cautious yet outgoing, while Grace is adventurous and outgoing. I think that I'd be okay with them going to prom together someday.

I really hope that this breakfast birthday date continues until they are at least 18 and seniors in high school. It will be so fun to watch them grow up, change, and stay the same together.

Speaking of the two of them are together from last year.

                                                 2011                                                                                                      2012

Birthday Party Book

Finally did it. I've been meaning to order a photo book from Grace's birthday party last year since we had such a great time decorating and prepping food. I think she'll enjoy looking back and seeing her party in a book and looking at some of the faces that attended the party and seeing how they've changed.

Now, I just need to get on uploading some more pictures to the blog from the past few weeks. I'm sure soon enough I'll be busy holding a baby and not be updating as frequently - which obviously would be fewER and FARTHER between since posting has always been sporadic.

Hope you are all well!