Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer To Do List

We're making progress on our "Summer to Do List." I just checked off the following: 
Visit Jen & Family (sadly no photos, what in the world were we thinking Jen?)
Swimming Lessons (first week sometime in the next few weeks when I take my camera)
Go to Aunt Linda's Pool
Have a Picnic

Some of the items I'm starting to doubt will get done because of the non-stop heat we've had and the current size of my body!!! Those items include, hike, zoo, and riding bikes at Farm Island (might just ride around the neighborhood instead). 

We'll keep plugging away and keep you updated!

Oh, and for good is a follow up to the previous post at what our car looked like on the way home from our trip to Minnesota: 

Insanity right? Ya, I thought so too. In addition to our suitcases and normal things we bring along we had the additions of the four super long large boxes from IKEA (one of which is front and center of this photo) lots of shopping bags, the rocker that my mom rocked me in and I rocked Grace in, lots of gifts from Grace's "pretend birthday" party, a canvas painting, a closet organization drawer unit from my mom, a pack and play that Jen was borrowing, and loads of other JUNK.

PS - yes, the car was stopped. Stinkin' highway construction outside of Huron. Stop freaking out Grandma Michele, mom and yes, you too Cody (he doesn't trust my driving skills).

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