Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Pony

Nope. We didn't get a pony. Hope I had you fooled for a second at least. 

Another exciting adventure we were able to have while visiting my parents was heading over to the neighbors house to check out their baby miniature pony! It was already a few weeks old, so I cannot imagine how small it was when it was first born. It wasn't too far behind Momma's size already!

We particularly loved his fuzzy mane - too funny and cute! And look at those eye lashes, she's going to be a looker!

Standing pretty. She wasn't too sure about our visit and was pretty skiddish still. 

Thanks Grandma Michele for this charming dress - how cute is it out on the farm?
I wish I would have posed Grace for a few photo ops, but it was hot, and the sprinkler at Nana's was calling our name.

So much fun to check out this little pony!

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