Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, I think the time has come when I can check "go to the beach ... a lot" off the summer to do list. We've spent a lot of time at the beach lately. We've built sandcastles, played with bass fish, gone for boat rides, swam, and just hung out on the beach. It's been awesome. The weather has been HOT and the only options for me were to either be in the A/C or in the water - out deck is lovely in the evenings, but in the middle of a hot summer day it's just too hot!

Here's Grace making friends with a little girl and a fish. Fearless. 

And my little cheeto face relaxing on the boat. 

Boat ride! 

There were some perfect days for nice boat rides. Once we got out into the water my fearless fish of a daughter jumps right off into the water - perhaps she doesn't know how DEEP the water actually is! We just floated out in the water for a long time - the water temperature was perfect - surprisingly warm for the massive Lake Oahe.

So the old summer to do list keeps getting checked off. We've been to the beach (a lot) and a few weekends ago Grace was able to camp in the yard and went for lots of gator rides. We've been busy lately too, and will have a some items to check off in our next posts!

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