Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother's Day

This post is quite delayed, but worthy of the wait. I had a great Mother's Day this year, my parents were in town for a visit (they helped us stain the deck on Saturday). On Sunday morning we had a nice quiet breakfast and Grace was singing in church that day - a great start to my day!

We had gone out and purchased some flowers for my pots, which has become a great standard Mother's Day gift. It's nice because I get to pick my plants, Cody buys them, and Grace helps me plant them. Fantastic!

Sunday afternoon after my parents left, Grace and I got to work (we even got to sneak a nap in there too!).

Now we just get to let our plants grow! Grace is a great care taker - always ready and willing to water. We've been enjoying our deck quite a bit lately, it adds such a fresh element to have green plants growing.

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