Monday, June 11, 2012

Making the Most of the Weekend

We had a BUSY weekend at the Richter house!

Cody was able to take in golfing on Friday night (we didn't go together, so it didn't get crossed off the list yet), and Grace and I were ale to get to a movie with a few friends! Madagascar 3! It was cute, and admittedly pretty good for a 3rd go round at a movie - usually they lose my interest after two. So, "go to a movie" got checked off the list. I should have had "have popcorn and soda" for supper on the summer list also, because that's what we had. Apparently it was a night for "p" foods, because when we got home Grace and I enjoyed a Peanut butter & jelly sandwich, Pickles, and Pink lemonade (after Pop and Popcorn at the movies). Hooray for junk food for supper nights.

After that, the rest of the weekend was strictly business. We finished up in the bathroom (thank goodness!), fertilized the lawn, planted some petunias and impatients, laid some fresh mulch, installed a new scarf organizing system in my closet, painted our bedroom ceiling and walls, painted a fresh coat of white on the doors and door trim, cleaned two closets (including Grace's, crazy how much she's grown!), and of course, played in the water in the backyard and roasted marshmallows (that's strict business for a 4 year old!). 

Needless to say, we needed another day in our weekend, as usual, and were tired when we woke up this morning. Always something to do around the house.

Here's to knockin' two items off the old summer to do list! While Cody painted the ceiling of our bedroom, which is no job for a prego Momma, Grace and I went on a lunch date and picked out wall color for the bedroom. 

Grace has been asking lately, "Mom, why are we making our house look different." Cody quickly responds with "because Mom's to do list never ends." He's such a trooper, and I don't know how'd I'd get anything done without him - LOVE him. 

We're still working on putting some of the pieces back together in our bedroom and throughout the house. Perhaps there will be and update toward the end of the week on those project items as I'll be traveling to California for a few days for work the middle of this week.

I'm looking forward to crossing many of these items off the particular "visit Jen & family," "go to Aunt Linda's pool," and "baby!" Grace is most looking forward to "go to the beach," "ride horses," "waterpark," and "camping in the yard." She really is anxiously awaiting when we can camp in Poppa's tent in his backyard...I'll be in the AC in the house with my momma. Maybe we can watch chick flicks while Grace and the boys are doing nature adventure activities in the backyard. Apparently there are some strange animals making some strange noises (likely coons) at their house, so Poppa is curious to see how Grace will react to that.

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