Friday, June 22, 2012

A Fresh Deck

One weekend in May my parents came with intentions of me putting them to work. Props to them, they even knew that I'd be putting them to work and they came anyway. We had to get the deck restained. Cody and I  certainly could have done it ourselves, but it was such a relief to have a few extra set of hands! Grace and my mom hung out most of the time, which was also a big help.

Here are the befores of the deck...a little deceiving because it was after we scrubbed it a bit, which took off more of the stain than was actually missing, however, it was looking pretty naked.

A good look at the whole thing all naked and bare. The "off" colored board is one that we replaced, and put a coat of stain on first. You can tell from this picture how "mauve" colored the whole deck was looking because of first of all just the previous color, and secondly I'm sure wear, tear and discoloration from the sun.

Notice, no gate.

After scrubbing it down it was really looking rough.



We of course brush painted the railings and spindles. We broke out a roller for the floor - worked so great! Went on smoothly and seamlessly. 

And the finished product with our furniture and pots back in place.

One of our two new gates that the hubby built! Impressed!
This one was built with  next year in mind, keeping the moving baby on the top deck and away from the stairs.

Side seating area.

A look at the backyard and lower level keep the dog off the deck if we want.

Progress on the yard and garden is coming along! So much better than where we were two years ago.

Remember those pots that Grace helped me plant on Mother's Day? They are growing along nicely!

These are beautiful!

Better view of the fresh stain job.

Ahhh, no more naked boards!

We've always spent a lot of time on the deck, but this year we are especially loving this space with the fresh coat of stain, gorgeous pots, and nice swing on the deck. It's the place to be in the evening! We've already had several get togethers out there and have not wanted the night to end! Not pictured is a fun gas powered fire pit that is awfully nice to get going in the evenings also - don't have to worry about finding logs, putting out flames, or dealing with smoke in the eyes!

Thanks Nana and Poppa for helping us stain the deck, and thanks to Grandpa Kevin for helping us get the swing put together back in April-ish! Cheers!

Love this space!

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