Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach, Fair and BBQ - Sounds like Summer

We've gradually been checking off the the old summer to do list. A few weekends ago we made some progress. We were able to head out on the boat with some friends and get to "Dump Island." Sounds amazing, right? Actually it's quite nice for kiddos. Pull your boat right up, tie it off to a tree and let the kids out to play in the sand. Perfect. The sand was so soft and silky. Grace had a great time even though the water was a bit chilly.

Here she is warming up to the water.

The next day I had Cody tasked with yard work. Equals not so fun for a 4 (almost 5!!) year old! So, we got the pool out, and typical Grace complained she didn't want Remi anywhere near her pool because she'll get dog hair and leaves in it. Really? And really, you're going to expect the black lab to stay out of the pool, especially when you're chasing her around the yard with a bucket full of water and dumping it on her head. Good luck kid.

As you can see - keeping Remi out of the pool didn't last long. Keeping a sweaty Daddy out didn't last long either. She allowed them both in after some debates. 

These are the things I hope that Grace remembers about her Dad when she grows up. He'll jump right in the pool with all his clothes on, run through the sprinklers with her with clothes and tennis shoes on, play silly games, play princess games, and more.

Oh, and I'm having flash backs from last summer...
Those might actually be the same shorts and note, even the same grey t-shirt. Classy boys. But non the less, memories for Grace. 

And we went to the fair...Grace had "4 bucks" of her own to spend from "watching Lola" while I was in Los Angeles. Originally the deal was "8 bucks," but when I got home she confessed she didn't take care of her, so instead, wanted just "'4 bucks' for doing nothing." I gave in. Typical. Guess what she all got for "4 bucks?" The small bag of cotton candy - which I threw half of it away.

She had a good time on this little ride

She also was able to ride ponies, go on the big slide and other typical fair stuff.

Then later we had a BBQ with friends, and Grace was able to hang out with her newly named "best friend" Elliot. She was all in her glory.

I suppose we really could cross off "go to the beach" but I'm waiting until the "a lot" portion has been fulfilled. 

Next post - more items crossed off the "to do list." We were able to camp in the yard and go for a gator ride.

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