Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Planting Grandma's Garden

Grace has become quite the experienced planter this year. She's helped me plant and transplant several items in our garden, and then she was also able to help her Great Grandparents plant their garden this spring.

We packed up practically the entire garage (dog, Grace's gator, Grace's rake, garden gloves, etc.) and headed up to Onida one Sunday afternoon. We had planned to help Grandma with her vegetable garden. Each year, Grandma plants quite the garden and gives the produce to half the family and then some! She's an amazing gardener, and we love the fresh items she shares.

Grandpa taught Grace all about the eyes of potatoes, and Grandma showed Grace how to make a row and plant the seeds just far enough away from each other.

Grace had a good time! What kid doesn't enjoy a little time in the dirt, digging for worms, and planting seeds in the ground. She's looking forward to heading up there again soon to see any progress the seeds have made, and of course, for later this summer when she can help pick veggies.

Oh, and this checks one item off our summer to do list!

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