Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get the most out of summer!

We've been working and playing hard lately. Mostly working hard - in the lawn and outside. I need to get some photos up, but Grace and I together came up with a list of summer "must do's" and I thought I'd finally make it blog official. Some of the items have already been checked off the list. Some will have to wait until nearly fall (like having a baby sister!).

So, here it is. We'll update as the summer passes, and hopefully most of those updates will have some photos to accompany.

This time, I only have a few photos to accompany. Spending as much time on the deck goes without question. It's only May, and we've already spent a good number of summer evening reading stories from the library, "going out to eat," and just relaxing. 

One afternoon, when Cody's parents were at our house, Cody had the sprinkers on watering the lawn. Grace asked if she could run through the sprinklers, and before you know it Cody had scooped her up and they were off. And wet. And Cody was in jeans and closed toed shoes. Weirdos. Sure made her evening though!

Luckily, my MIL had her camera to capture the moment:

And the after...

This weekend I'm headed to Kansas City to bring the Mount Rushmore mascots around the area and tell everyone down there how stinkin' awesome South Dakota is. Cody and G will be home to fend for themselves, and maybe they'll even get a few items checked off the good old summer to do list.

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