Monday, April 2, 2012

San Diego Zoo

More pictures from San Diego...keep delaying these posts for some reason. Haven't just sat down and cranked them out. Our trip to the San Diego Zoo was fantastic. We visited on a beautiful day, and there were so many animals out and about. 

My two loves. Love this picture too.

This "bear" creeped me out. Weird sloth type bear with HUGE claws. Wouldn't want to encounter this thing in the wild! 

Beautiful giraffes. Such a spectacle that God has made patterns like this and the stripes of zebras. What beautiful creatures.

 If there are two things that Grace remembers from the Zoo, or perhaps San Diego in general they are:
 1. These rhinos....they were just laying here "sleeping," and suddenly, this one right in front just let out a HUGE toot! Right in front of us. Grace of course thought she could smell it, probably even taste it. It may not have been that extreme, but I can tell you one thing, when a rhino TOOTS.

2. The other piece that Grace remembers well, I don't have a photo of. But we went and checked out the arctic area. We got a up close and personal look at the walrus. He was swimming around in his area (with a bird on his back of course, who wants to deal with birds constantly using them for a ride???), and began enjoying a fishy snack. Only, he didn't just eat it. He would eat it, then spit (barf really) it out, eat it all again, spit it out, and kept doing it over and over, right by the window! GROSS!

Look at those cute zoo keepers!

They had a beautiful group of watching these guys. They are so HUGE, but can be so playful and light footed.

We enjoyed another skyride. What a beautiful view looking at the animals below.

Had a lot of fun petting the goats. So sweet. They were just enjoying sunning themselves while getting a free massage. What a life.

Huge and so prehistoric looking.

Talk about WEIRD. This thing was just hanging out at the bottom of the cage, and that thin structure going toward and beyond the top of the photo is a nose of sorts. It had this thing BARELY sticking out of the water to breathe. So, so weird. Ancient looking.

Ahhhh! Relaxing!

Grace and this monkey were not only entertaining each other, but a crowd of people. These two were totally intrigued by each other and kept making faces, touching hands on the glass and enjoying each others company. Such a cool interaction. 


And Grace took a helicopter ride over the arctic! :)

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