Friday, April 13, 2012

Picnic for Two

Grace and I decided while Daddy was gone one Sunday afternoon to have a picnic for two on the deck. It was one of those crazy nice days in March, so don't mind the deck which is dusty, dirty and in need of a stain job worse than my hair needs highlights.

I tried to get these photos taken on self-timer without Grace noticing, since she usually gets a huge cheese-ball smile on when she sees a camera in her face. Here is my poor attempt at that.

The deck is much more cozy now. We've got the table in the right spot, umbrella up, chairs put into place, a swing and rug and soon enough we'll be able to plant some pots to brighten the space up. I'm anxious to get gardening!

The deck is one of our major projects this year. We need to get it washed down and re-stained, and replace a board or two. We're also planning on building two gates for not only the beast of a dog we own, but for the little one that will be joining us and likely toddling around by the end of deck season next year. Will be nice to keep Rem-Dog where we want her this summer, rather than having her annoying nose shoving a ball into your thigh every 13 seconds trying to get someone to play with her! Gotta love her (at least Cody does!).

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