Monday, April 16, 2012

Lola Scrat

Now, I know it's not very nice to name call. But this name is perfect for this cat. Lola Scrat. Cody always though she looked like "Scrat" the squirrel on IceAge, and she sorta does! It wasn't until she developed and showed her true personality that the name fit.

Don't get me wrong, we all love this ball of fluff at our house. BUT, she does have a mind of her own. She loves to be with us, in the same rooms as us, to snuggle in our bed at night with us, but she would really prefer it if you didn't touch or pet for too long. And absolutely no holding...for longer than 35 seconds unless she's in a super mood. Seriously, b**chy cat. But we love her! Why? I don't know, she's so cute and fluffy and looks so sweet?

She "scrats" around the house all the time, constantly looking for something to play with. She hugs the wall like a tree hugger, I'll have to nab a photo of that sometime, so weird. But then, the stinker sleeps for hours upon hours. She wakes up at noon when we come home stretching and warm bellied, she thinks she'd fooled us into believing she was being a watch cat all morning. Please.

My mother-in-law took this photo of Lola and I outside a few weeks ago. I love it. She's my girl.

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