Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hike to Devil's Bathtub (Sort of)

Back in March, our little family packed up our bags and headed for the Hills. :) We went out to Spearfish to stay with Cody's parents the weekend of the boys state basketball tournament in Rapid City since the Pierre Governor's were playing.
Grace had a great time cheering on the Governor's, and even scored some swag from some push-over lady friends of our neighbors. A cute talkative girl asking to cheer on the school they teach for is an easy sell apparently. She still likes to adorn herself in the shamrock + Governor green necklace the gals gave her. Sweet ladies. 

In addition to heading to the games, (a thank you to my MIL and SIL who watched Grace one evening for us while we went to the game) we were able to spend some time with family AND do a little shopping. Win, win, win weekend. 

Sunday before departing back to Pierre, we headed out on a hike with Cody's parents who have been hitting the trails in the hills frequently. It was a gorgeous morning, and despite there being little to no snow the  lower elevations in the Hills, there was certainly snow up in Spearfish Canyon on the trail to Devil's Bathtub we took. However, Grace took it in stride and decided she was going to do this thing! I had my too long sweatpants tucked into my socks like a rock-star, along with my Toms (AKA NO GRIP) shoes on. Grace had a little sweatshirt, long leggings and tennies on. Not our best hiking gear.

Turns out the "trail" was a snow-packed and ice-covered treacherous path. Yikes! I was basically holding Grace up by her armpits the ENTIRE way. 

Enjoying the beautiful morning...and of course, bracing herself from slipping

Grace had a lot of fun with the trails interesting features. Including ducking or climbing over logs...Obviously for Grace ducking under worked the best. This prego Momma had to HOIST herself up and over, and hope for the best on the way down.

Other interesting trail features included spotting some mountain lion scat (trust me, our random shrieks from nearly falling and hollering definitely scared any wildlife away).

Quick family photo op. Note for all you blog reading folks who wanted more bangs and more belly pictures...here is another that fits the bill for both.

Love this one of her and her Daddy.

We had a lot of fun navigating the trail together. Between slipping, and climbing, pulling and grabbing each other it was certainly a family affair. Cody is holding a reflector for his Mom's photo stuff, we tried using it as a sled at one point for Grace to go down a steep hill. Apparently she wasn't holding on to it well enough and she ended up skidding on her bottom the whole way. She was NOT impressed.

Along the trail, there were snow-bridges, essentially. The only means of crossing the creek without going into the water was to trust the snow bridge was steady and sturdy enough to hold us. Needless to say, I let several people go ahead of me, since I was usually the pregnant lady holding the 4 year old going across.

Cody tested this one, and it was really fine, unless you decide to be not so smart and step off to the side. His entire leg sunk in and came out drenching wet. He also was NOT impressed.

All in all it was a GREAT hike. And we all had a fantastic time.

There was one normal bridge to cross, the rest were snow/ice bridges.

I should also note that the three of us did NOT make it all the way up to Devil's Bathtub unfortunately. There came a point where we'd have to cross the creek with no bridge or snow bridge, and the water was about knee high. That wasn't happening. So Kevin and Michele trudged on since they had on proper gear. Apparently it was a good thing we didn't go because the path only got steeper, more slippery and there were more water filled crossings. Here's what my mother-in-law Michele was able to capture up there though:

She has so many good images. If you're on Facebook you can find her photography page here.

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  1. Cody looks so much like his dad here! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


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