Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Bedroom

Our guest bedroom has been many things. One thing that it always has been was Carolina Baby Blue. Which = not good. We delayed and delayed forever painting this room because the ceiling was also Carolina Baby Blue. I despise painting ceilings, such a HUGE pain. As you can see from photos, the walls in this room (like every other room) are very textured, so painting is never a breeze in this house.

Here's what the room first was, a guest room, with lots of things that just made the space "get by."
Yikes, not lookin' so hot. This was the very early days of this house I believe.

And then we decided that we should do a switcheroo and put the guest bedroom into the neighboring downstairs bedroom which was then functioning as an office so the we could create a playroom in the Carolina Blue room. We got rid of the "office" and desk completely as we primarily just used a laptop wherever we wanted in the house.

Here's how it served as a playroom...

As you can see, the color played much better for a playroom, and we could stand it better than when it was a Carolina Guest Bedroom.

Just a few months after this switcheroo, we again decided to change things up. We moved the guest bedroom BACK into the Carolina Blue Room, and the playroom into the neighboring bedroom. (Can you tell how much my hubby LOVES me!?!!) So, to keep you on track, the Carolina Blue Room was again a guest bedroom. I decided a few months ago it was time to tackle this room and just get it painted and over with. Just pre-nesting, as that usually doesn't happen until later in pregnancy. I think I'm always nesting.

Here's the end result:

One thing that stayed in the room from transition to transition was the piano. My parents gave it to us, as it was mine growing up. I still remember that Christmas when I got the piano. I hope that I'm able to start Grace off with lessons and get her into playing a bit in the near future.

When we finally got our wedding picture framed (a nice birthday gift from my mom) we put that upstairs in the stairway where the mirror was. The mirror came downstairs. I'm thinking all of these accessories will need to be painted white. Someday.

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  1. Love the guest room! Turned out beautiful! We need to come visit just to stay in there!


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