Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby Bellies

Today at work I got a nice! I'm always curious who they are from, since I usually tell my hubby not to get me flowers, I'd rather spend the money on something else. However, they do add a nice surprise to the day. They were from the ad agency that works on our account for SD Tourism - a sweet bunch! They also sent flowers to my manager Wanda, who is due just FOUR days after me. CRaZy...

Here we are with our flowers and bellies. Funny that I was wearing pink and got yellow flowers, and she was wearing yellow and got pink flowers.

Oh baby belly, you can slow down growing're getting too big too fast! Why do second bebes always make their Momma's bigger? Seriously!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guest Bedroom

Our guest bedroom has been many things. One thing that it always has been was Carolina Baby Blue. Which = not good. We delayed and delayed forever painting this room because the ceiling was also Carolina Baby Blue. I despise painting ceilings, such a HUGE pain. As you can see from photos, the walls in this room (like every other room) are very textured, so painting is never a breeze in this house.

Here's what the room first was, a guest room, with lots of things that just made the space "get by."
Yikes, not lookin' so hot. This was the very early days of this house I believe.

And then we decided that we should do a switcheroo and put the guest bedroom into the neighboring downstairs bedroom which was then functioning as an office so the we could create a playroom in the Carolina Blue room. We got rid of the "office" and desk completely as we primarily just used a laptop wherever we wanted in the house.

Here's how it served as a playroom...

As you can see, the color played much better for a playroom, and we could stand it better than when it was a Carolina Guest Bedroom.

Just a few months after this switcheroo, we again decided to change things up. We moved the guest bedroom BACK into the Carolina Blue Room, and the playroom into the neighboring bedroom. (Can you tell how much my hubby LOVES me!?!!) So, to keep you on track, the Carolina Blue Room was again a guest bedroom. I decided a few months ago it was time to tackle this room and just get it painted and over with. Just pre-nesting, as that usually doesn't happen until later in pregnancy. I think I'm always nesting.

Here's the end result:

One thing that stayed in the room from transition to transition was the piano. My parents gave it to us, as it was mine growing up. I still remember that Christmas when I got the piano. I hope that I'm able to start Grace off with lessons and get her into playing a bit in the near future.

When we finally got our wedding picture framed (a nice birthday gift from my mom) we put that upstairs in the stairway where the mirror was. The mirror came downstairs. I'm thinking all of these accessories will need to be painted white. Someday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hike to Devil's Bathtub (Sort of)

Back in March, our little family packed up our bags and headed for the Hills. :) We went out to Spearfish to stay with Cody's parents the weekend of the boys state basketball tournament in Rapid City since the Pierre Governor's were playing.
Grace had a great time cheering on the Governor's, and even scored some swag from some push-over lady friends of our neighbors. A cute talkative girl asking to cheer on the school they teach for is an easy sell apparently. She still likes to adorn herself in the shamrock + Governor green necklace the gals gave her. Sweet ladies. 

In addition to heading to the games, (a thank you to my MIL and SIL who watched Grace one evening for us while we went to the game) we were able to spend some time with family AND do a little shopping. Win, win, win weekend. 

Sunday before departing back to Pierre, we headed out on a hike with Cody's parents who have been hitting the trails in the hills frequently. It was a gorgeous morning, and despite there being little to no snow the  lower elevations in the Hills, there was certainly snow up in Spearfish Canyon on the trail to Devil's Bathtub we took. However, Grace took it in stride and decided she was going to do this thing! I had my too long sweatpants tucked into my socks like a rock-star, along with my Toms (AKA NO GRIP) shoes on. Grace had a little sweatshirt, long leggings and tennies on. Not our best hiking gear.

Turns out the "trail" was a snow-packed and ice-covered treacherous path. Yikes! I was basically holding Grace up by her armpits the ENTIRE way. 

Enjoying the beautiful morning...and of course, bracing herself from slipping

Grace had a lot of fun with the trails interesting features. Including ducking or climbing over logs...Obviously for Grace ducking under worked the best. This prego Momma had to HOIST herself up and over, and hope for the best on the way down.

Other interesting trail features included spotting some mountain lion scat (trust me, our random shrieks from nearly falling and hollering definitely scared any wildlife away).

Quick family photo op. Note for all you blog reading folks who wanted more bangs and more belly is another that fits the bill for both.

Love this one of her and her Daddy.

We had a lot of fun navigating the trail together. Between slipping, and climbing, pulling and grabbing each other it was certainly a family affair. Cody is holding a reflector for his Mom's photo stuff, we tried using it as a sled at one point for Grace to go down a steep hill. Apparently she wasn't holding on to it well enough and she ended up skidding on her bottom the whole way. She was NOT impressed.

Along the trail, there were snow-bridges, essentially. The only means of crossing the creek without going into the water was to trust the snow bridge was steady and sturdy enough to hold us. Needless to say, I let several people go ahead of me, since I was usually the pregnant lady holding the 4 year old going across.

Cody tested this one, and it was really fine, unless you decide to be not so smart and step off to the side. His entire leg sunk in and came out drenching wet. He also was NOT impressed.

All in all it was a GREAT hike. And we all had a fantastic time.

There was one normal bridge to cross, the rest were snow/ice bridges.

I should also note that the three of us did NOT make it all the way up to Devil's Bathtub unfortunately. There came a point where we'd have to cross the creek with no bridge or snow bridge, and the water was about knee high. That wasn't happening. So Kevin and Michele trudged on since they had on proper gear. Apparently it was a good thing we didn't go because the path only got steeper, more slippery and there were more water filled crossings. Here's what my mother-in-law Michele was able to capture up there though:

She has so many good images. If you're on Facebook you can find her photography page here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Grace loves, loves to fly kites. Works out perfectly in Pierre, because we usually have just enough wind to make it possible, plus, just right up the street is Buchanan School, and "the big hill." We spend lots of time at "the big hill." Remi gets her exercise, Grace rides her Gator, rolls down the hill, and as you'll see, flies kites.

I have a feeling this hill will be one of Grace's "memory places." When we move from this house, I think driving by this hill will provide her with fun memories. She plays here, and soon she'll walk up and down the hill to get to and from school. I'm happy to have a place like this nearby that can be filled with memories for our family.

Lola Scrat

Now, I know it's not very nice to name call. But this name is perfect for this cat. Lola Scrat. Cody always though she looked like "Scrat" the squirrel on IceAge, and she sorta does! It wasn't until she developed and showed her true personality that the name fit.

Don't get me wrong, we all love this ball of fluff at our house. BUT, she does have a mind of her own. She loves to be with us, in the same rooms as us, to snuggle in our bed at night with us, but she would really prefer it if you didn't touch or pet for too long. And absolutely no holding...for longer than 35 seconds unless she's in a super mood. Seriously, b**chy cat. But we love her! Why? I don't know, she's so cute and fluffy and looks so sweet?

She "scrats" around the house all the time, constantly looking for something to play with. She hugs the wall like a tree hugger, I'll have to nab a photo of that sometime, so weird. But then, the stinker sleeps for hours upon hours. She wakes up at noon when we come home stretching and warm bellied, she thinks she'd fooled us into believing she was being a watch cat all morning. Please.

My mother-in-law took this photo of Lola and I outside a few weeks ago. I love it. She's my girl.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Picnic for Two

Grace and I decided while Daddy was gone one Sunday afternoon to have a picnic for two on the deck. It was one of those crazy nice days in March, so don't mind the deck which is dusty, dirty and in need of a stain job worse than my hair needs highlights.

I tried to get these photos taken on self-timer without Grace noticing, since she usually gets a huge cheese-ball smile on when she sees a camera in her face. Here is my poor attempt at that.

The deck is much more cozy now. We've got the table in the right spot, umbrella up, chairs put into place, a swing and rug and soon enough we'll be able to plant some pots to brighten the space up. I'm anxious to get gardening!

The deck is one of our major projects this year. We need to get it washed down and re-stained, and replace a board or two. We're also planning on building two gates for not only the beast of a dog we own, but for the little one that will be joining us and likely toddling around by the end of deck season next year. Will be nice to keep Rem-Dog where we want her this summer, rather than having her annoying nose shoving a ball into your thigh every 13 seconds trying to get someone to play with her! Gotta love her (at least Cody does!).

21 Weeks

So, apparently baby is about as long as a banana, or 10 inches from head to heel. Dr. said last week that they are weight
Image from

And this is for all you gals who were griping about looking at pictures of fruits and vegetables instead of a picture of me! Mind you...the hubby took this photo...Think I need to teach him how to focus the camera? And yes, there were probably a bizillion better places to take a photo instead of in the hallway of our house. But I kept telling Jen I'd get a photo up soon, she's starting to lose trust in me, so I thought I better just post it. As terrible as it is.

How far along? 20 Weeks
Total weight gain: probably about 8 pounds by now...quickly gaining now I think!
Maternity clothes? Yes, and yes please! The comfier the better! Went shopping for a few things a few weekends ago, but also have been able to find some non-maternity items that have worked for me so far. 
Stretch marks? none yet 
Sleep: Love it. Need it. Gotta have it. And I'm sleeping well, thank goodness.
Best moment this week: Our ultrasound appointment and learning that everything was perfect in there! Growing and developing just the way it should be. 

Miss Anything? Being able to travel by car comfortably.
Movement: Yes! Tons! Like a little ninja in there, crazy movements. Cody hadn't been able to feel it for awhile, but felt a few of the hard jabs in the last few days. 

Food cravings: No major cravings...anythings is good right about now.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately.
Gender: We got to find out what gender the turnip is last week! The Dr. said a GIRL! She gave Cody about a 25% chance that it COULD be a boy. I think she was just trying to be nice to him since he was pouting. :) Grace is very excited, we all are. The Easter Bunny (aka Nana) already found PINK for the bean! Note to Grandmas/Nana's, let's practice keeping receipts...just in case!

Have you started to show yet: Yes! In the last week I feel like I've gotten HUGE. Major growth in the last few weeks.
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Headaches...headaches...headaches. No fun. They need to stop, quickly, making this Momma miserable. Luckily I have some very good caretakers at home. Both Cody and Nurse Grace are excellent at either helping, or just leaving me be in my room in the quiet. Grateful for my family!
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Good mood!
Looking forward to: SHOPPING

Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick Hello

Just a quick hello to say Happy Easter to all our friends and family. We have a Dr. appointment to check on the latest little R today, and then we're off to Marshall to celebrate Easter with my parents, and hopefully Grandparent's if they are able to make it down to Marshall.

We're looking forward to a nice spring weekend, and plan on spending lots of time outdoors, pending non-windy (who am I kidding, we're going to Marshall, the real windy city) decent weather.

And just because a post isn't as fun without a picture, here's a photo of me from last week at my visit to the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls. We had a great tour of the zoo, on a golf cart, this prego Momma was happy about that! We got to get up close and personal with the I am with the rhinos, baby and momma. We got to feed them, it was amazing! I could never have imagined what a rhino would feel like. Quite an amazing creation from God.

Yes...I have bangs. I got them a few weeks ago...maybe 3 or 4 now? I wasn't too happy, but people gave me nice compliments. Likely because they didn't want to deal with making an emotional pregnant girl cry by telling her the truth. I asked for them to be quite longer than they I'm in the awkward grow them out or keep cutting then. Voting for growing them out at this point. I feel like an awkward teenager again.

Anyway, you can't see much baby-bump in this photo, but I've been getting lots of grief from friends to upload photos of me, instead of vegetables and fruit in my prego-progress postings.

Speaking of which, the next prego-progress posting will occur sometime this weekend likely.

Happy Easter blessings to you all!

Monday, April 2, 2012

San Diego Zoo

More pictures from San Diego...keep delaying these posts for some reason. Haven't just sat down and cranked them out. Our trip to the San Diego Zoo was fantastic. We visited on a beautiful day, and there were so many animals out and about. 

My two loves. Love this picture too.

This "bear" creeped me out. Weird sloth type bear with HUGE claws. Wouldn't want to encounter this thing in the wild! 

Beautiful giraffes. Such a spectacle that God has made patterns like this and the stripes of zebras. What beautiful creatures.

 If there are two things that Grace remembers from the Zoo, or perhaps San Diego in general they are:
 1. These rhinos....they were just laying here "sleeping," and suddenly, this one right in front just let out a HUGE toot! Right in front of us. Grace of course thought she could smell it, probably even taste it. It may not have been that extreme, but I can tell you one thing, when a rhino TOOTS.

2. The other piece that Grace remembers well, I don't have a photo of. But we went and checked out the arctic area. We got a up close and personal look at the walrus. He was swimming around in his area (with a bird on his back of course, who wants to deal with birds constantly using them for a ride???), and began enjoying a fishy snack. Only, he didn't just eat it. He would eat it, then spit (barf really) it out, eat it all again, spit it out, and kept doing it over and over, right by the window! GROSS!

Look at those cute zoo keepers!

They had a beautiful group of watching these guys. They are so HUGE, but can be so playful and light footed.

We enjoyed another skyride. What a beautiful view looking at the animals below.

Had a lot of fun petting the goats. So sweet. They were just enjoying sunning themselves while getting a free massage. What a life.

Huge and so prehistoric looking.

Talk about WEIRD. This thing was just hanging out at the bottom of the cage, and that thin structure going toward and beyond the top of the photo is a nose of sorts. It had this thing BARELY sticking out of the water to breathe. So, so weird. Ancient looking.

Ahhhh! Relaxing!

Grace and this monkey were not only entertaining each other, but a crowd of people. These two were totally intrigued by each other and kept making faces, touching hands on the glass and enjoying each others company. Such a cool interaction. 


And Grace took a helicopter ride over the arctic! :)