Friday, March 2, 2012

Things I should never forget...

G: "Mom, when a frog talks to me and says 'kiss me,' I will say, 'I do NOT like kissing frogs. No Thank you!'"

G: "Mom, you're my best girl."

G: "Mom, can we make pupcakes?"
She has never said CUPcakes, it's always been PUPcakes. I love this, and I never want her to say "cupcakes." Ever.

Watching the Incredibles:
G: "People don't have superpowers."
All in a sass-ness sort of way, like why would you even make a movie pretending that people have superpowers, come on.

Grace spent a weekend with her Auntie Ashley. Apparently, she did a number...yes a the tiolet, and called Ashley by saying:
G: "Aunnntttieeeee.....I have a prize for you!"

Mommy may or may not have tooted in the car on the way to MN, just once, I promise. But afterward, this came from the backseat:
G: "Uh, smells like somebody pooped in here! What is dat smell?"

Trying desperately to get her to settle down and sleep in her bed...
G: "It's dark out."
Mommy: "Ya, that means you need to close your eyes."
G: "Nope. That means it's time to mess around!"

One morning while snuggling in bed, Grace was looking at Cody and said:
G: "Do you have beer on your lips? Mommy doesn't have beer on her lips. Only boys do."
Cody and I were both confused...but finally figured out sometimes when she says "beer" she means "bearD."

While swimming in the pool...
G: "I'm going to town."
Mommy: "What town are you going to?" Thinking, Pierre, Marshall, Sioux Falls, Spearfish, something like that.
G: "New York City."

We'd been talking about how she is signed up for preschool. We went to dinner with Great Grandparents...
Mommy: "Grace, tell Grandma and Grandpa what you're signed up for in the fall."
Mommy: "Not quite, but you're right on track!

After finishing watching Toy Story 3...
G: "Mom, turn on Toy Story 4 now..."
I should have just turned on 1 or 2, she probably wouldn't have known the difference.

We were driving down the street in Pierre, Grace of course was totally tuned in on her movie playing in the backseat. She had her headphones on, and it appears that she is totally checked out of the world. There is an elderly woman crossing the street and all of a sudden we hear:
G: "Don't run ova that GrandMA."

Cody was holding Grace in the kitchen, she looks down at his chest and says
G: "Dad, why do you have dog hair on you?"
As you may have guessed, Cody doesn't have much chest hair, and apparently the little bit of it that he does have looked like straggler dog hair!

Someone has been watching too much "Shrek: Forever After."
G: "Mom, you are being reDONKulous!"

Remi had gotten into Grace's playroom and took a toy cucumber and tomato, and "accidentally" chewed it up. Grace was not impressed and she generally doesn't lend very much slack to Remington.
Mommy: "Grace, Remi is sorry, she really didn't know any better."
G: "I DO NOT accept her apology!"

When talking about her becoming a big sister...
G: "Mommy, how did that baby get in your tummy?"
Mommy: (not wanting to go there with her yet) "God put it there."
G: long pause.... "Well, why didn't God want it to just be me?"
Mommy: (secretly saying EEEKKK! in my mind) "Because he knew that you'd be a great big sister and wanted our family to be just a little bit bigger."
G: "Oh."
Mommy: sigh of relief!

In response to this photo:

G: "Mom, why you dressed like a rockstar?"
M: "Because I am one...duh" (I was flattered of course, but a bit weirded out since this was obviously a costume)
G: "Mom, you're so weird."

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  1. AWH :) SO FUN to have those memories! Grace is such a sweet girl!


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