Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sea World

The first full day we were in San Diego we really wanted to show Grace a good time. We wanted to make sure she knew that there was much more to San Diego than the airport. I have lots of photos to share here, so I'll let the pictures do the talking with a few comments here and there. So many photos. SO many!

Up first was checking out the California Tide Pool. Grace was able to get up close and personal (even touch) sea stars, and check out sea urchins. She had a great time learning about all of these creatures from the man at the exhibit. He overheard us say her name, and then called her by her name, she thought he was some god that he figured out her name without telling him. Amazing.

Up next was checking out the fascinating turtles at Turtle Reef. You'll see a lot of Poppa holding Grace throughout the San Diego photos...they were attached like glue...or, Poppa would always give into the "hold me, my legs are tired" bit. It will only happen for so long!

Up next was the Bayside Skyride. Keep in mind, two people in our party (my mom and Cody) are both freaked out by heights. Couple that with the fear of water for my Momma, and all I can say is I'm proud that the 5 of us actually accomplished this. Does Grace have either of these fears - heck no. Fearless! We were able to enjoy a relaxing ride over Mission Bay, quite the view! Grace even held her Daddy's hand to keep him safe.

so brave!

There's Nana and Poppa in the next car!

The shows! The shows were great! We watched the killer whale show, "One Ocean," where the whales did all sorts of amazing tricks. They even SOAKED the audience, we're glad we moved out of the "soak zone." Other shows we took in were the dolphin show (Grace loved this one, mostly because it involved a pink princess also) and the Pets Rule show, which was Nana's favorite. Amazing what they can do with these creatures...especially amazed they could train cats for the Pet Show.

Another favorite for Grace this was was the Sesame Street "Bay of Play." It was filled with kid-friendly rides  and all sorts of play equipment, include a maze of rope netting to climb and inflated bubble jumping mats. She could have spent the entire day in just this small portion of Sea World.

Mom and Grace riding the flying fish

Nana didn't think she'd do well on this ride, she got photos instead. We really got spinning!

Jumpin' her heart out.

And of course, the visit wouldn't have been complete without the chance to meet Grover and Elmo. How fun!


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture with Grace engulfed by Grover! What a sweetie!


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