Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello San Diego!

As promised, our San Diego posts are going up this week. Our flight was scheduled to depart early (EARLY) on a Friday morning from Sioux Falls. The Thursday night before hand, we went to a Pierre boys basketball game. All was fine...until...the worst happened. Grace had told me she didn't feel great, and wouldn't eat ANY popcorn. Which is totally abnormal for our popcorn monster - she should play for the Mitchell Kernels. Before the second quarter even came, she puked ALL over me, the bleachers and everything in an immediate radius...yuck! Our poor girl had gotten the flu!

She was up all night, and the next day we were on our way to Sioux Falls. She slept the entire 3.5 hours, and was still extremely tired when we got there. We called it an early night, since we had an early flight. The alarms went off at 4:30 a.m., and we were all not impressed including Grace. She was a trooper though! We made it through security, an onto our flight. Whew! However, it was then delayed about an hour....she slept on the plane for an hour before we even took off! Slept through take off and landing in Denver. We missed our scheduled flight to San Diego because of the delay in Sioux Falls, but only had to wait a few hours for a lay over. She basically slept the entire flight to San Diego also - what an awesome traveler!

When we got to the San Diego airport, we scurried through the airport found our luggage and were calling a taxi. Grace got SOOOO sad. She didn't want to leave the airport, because she thought she was leaving San Diego! I think she equated the term "San Diego" with something like Wal-Mart, and the San Diego airport is a heck of a lot more fun than Wal-Mart. We quickly explained we'd be doing SOOO much in the city of San Diego after we checked into our hotel. Enough rambling...onto the photos from arrival.

G sleeping on the plane...

Awake at the Denver Airport! I even convinced her to lay down on her blankies to watch a movie for awhile here! Tired girl! Still recovering...with a smoothie, of course!

Posing with her new travel bag from our awesome neighbor Susie. Worked out perfectly for this trip as a carry-on with all of her gadgets and keep-me-busy items.


So excited on the way to the hotel...

My mom picked out a fantastic hotel for us to stay at. It was away from downtown, which provided some peace and quiet. Except for the fog-horn that apparently only kept me awake! I thought it was some alarm from the furnace room next store, surely it was a gas leak....right?!!! 

Checked in and ready to explore the area.

The back of the hotel was filled with yacht's and beautiful sailboats

front of the hotel


This shows where out hotel was, and where all of the fun things we did were. It was only a short drive from anywhere we wanted to go. Perfect, I would definitely stay there again next time we go.

Speaking of's the the front. My dad was the driver, and Cody (along with the GPS) helped navigate. The traffic and driving here was actually pretty easy.

The first day when we got there we simply explored Shelter Island, the "island" we stayed on. We ventured out on foot to find something to eat. We found a great fish market, but both Cody and Grace weren't too impressed with options for themselves. So, instead we found a nice little Mexican restaurant and enjoyed ourselves. We plotted out the week to come, and Grace couldn't wait to hit up her stops like Sea World, the  San Diego Zoo, and of course, the beach!

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  1. Great idea with the map to show where you all went! I will definitely be borrowing that idea for our next vacation picture book!


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