Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ferry Ride, Coronado, Biking, and Whale Watching

We planned to spend the better part of one day exploring the area of the harbor in San Diego. We knew we wanted to take a ferry ride to Coronado Island, and we had signed up for whale watching that day also. It was going to be a full day on the coast line of San Diego.

Grace had a lot of fun on the Ferry Ride, of course she especially enjoyed the snack bar and snuggle time with Poppa. The ride over to Coronado Island isn't very long, but also provides a great view of the harbor.

Other critters knew about the snack bar on the Ferry also....beggers.

View of the Midway.

Once we got to Coronado Island, we decided the best way to explore the island was by bike. This four person pedal bike was available, and Grace even got to ride up front. We thought this was going to be a great options. However...there weren't any gears, and it was tough getting up hill!

Somebody was happy to be leading the way.

Still having fun at this point.

Mom and G, having a blast.

Ended up going further than we should have, and somehow got off the designated bike path. Made for an interesting trip, which involved going up a pedestrian side walk, and having to back down it with this huge bike. We went through some beautiful neighborhoods and saw some amazing homes. Our thighs were burning, and we were struggling to keep it moving, especially when we were laughing so hard. Grace the entire time couldn't understand why we weren't going fast enough.

We ate lunch at a nice fish market on Harbor Drive and next up for the day was whale watching. The whales  were in migration from up by Alaska down to the bays near Mexico. We saw SO many whales and tons of dolphins. It was fun to watch the dolphins play around the boat, it was as if they knew they were entertaining us.

Statue outside of the fish market

Grace was tuckered out by this point, it was supposed to be nap time.

Searching for whales...they were hard for Grace to spot.

Harbor seals

This gal showed us all the parts of the whale...pretty cool to see.

The combs that filter the whales food

View of the sunset from our hotel
(my mom took these two, nice work Ma!)

More to come...

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