Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spontaneous Piercing

I so hope in 12 years I'm not typing anything about Grace (or anyone in our family for that matter), and a spontaneous piercing! :)

On to the post...We were in the mall bumming around when Grace wanted to go into that "all girl store..." AKA - Claire's...Grace's Heaven. We walked in and I said,

Mommy: "Oh, Grace maybe you should get your ears pierced today!"
Grace: "Ya, I want to, I really do!"
Mommy: "Are you sure!?"
Grace: "Yes, Mommy, I really do!"
Mommy: Looks at Dad, who just shrugs his shoulders and smiles. The only thing I'm worried about at this point is that I don't have my camera with! "Ok, if you want to!"

Grace quickly hops up in the chair before I can even tell the gal working we'd like to pierce her ears. I quickly remember that my camera is in my purse, which hopefully is in the car. Cody agrees to go and check for me, what a guy. And luckily, it was!

Now, Grace has to be one of the BRAVEST girls I know. She's seriously up for anything ALL the time. There is hardly anything that scares her, or that she won't do. Immediately, she starts chatting it up with the gal who's going to pierce her ears, telling all kinds of stories about her friends who had jumped out of the chair and tried running away after getting the first ear done. I haven't even heard these stories before. She has the sharpest little mind who remembers EVERYTHING (expect what she did in Sunday School 20 minutes after I pick her up).

Talking away to the gal piercing her ears...Promising she won't jump out of the chair halfway through like her friend did.
All smiles, and SO excited.

Grinning at her Dad, who cannot believe how BIG and OLD she is getting. We always told each other that she could get her ears pierced as soon as she decided for herself she wanted to do it.

First one...All she said was: "Ouch."

Lookin' good!

Second one! 

And done!

Showing off her new jewels! She was so happy and proud of herself. All day and night she kept saying, "Mom, can you believe I got my ears pierced today?" "I can't believe it Mommy."

Love her. I still catch myself doing a double take when I look at her with pierced ears. She's been asking if it's time to clean them, and so far so good, they look great!

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  1. Oh MY!!! What a BIG BRAVE GIRL!!! Soooo exciting! And SO glad you had your camera with for the big event! I just LOVE reading your posts! So entertaining! :)
    P.S. Great job raising such a beautiful little girl!


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