Thursday, January 12, 2012


I brought in this nice little green grassy plant from the deck to live in the house this summer. I couldn't figure out why it was so droopy and not doing very well, for goodness sake, it just became a house should PERK up! Now, I'm not saying that I have my mother's green thumb, but it couldn't be too hard.

Until the day that Wiggle Grandma and Grace were making cookies did I figure out why it was so "droopy." Lola-cat. AKA, Scratty-Cat, Scratty-Boo, Lola cat-scrat-brat-kitty-cat-MEOW. Our "pet names" for Lola. Cody started calling her "scrat" after the little squirrel in Ice Age he thought she resembled. Guess I picked it up and got a bit carried away.

Here's what I found was making my poor plant so sad....

"What's the problem? You don't like me sitting in your potted plant?"

"I'm just enjoying my personal jungle...Thanks for sharing it with me!"

"Oh, no, I wouldn't mind a nice nap in here. Since you so conveniently placed this pot in the sun for it grow me to sun myself."

"Oh, you mean, when I chew on the leaves, it might kill them? Oh, and it's not good for me either?"

Hello Lola! Goodbye inside potted plant!

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