Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bathtime Fun

Grace was pretty excited to see that Cameron got some cool new bath toys for Christmas! They are always a hot item to Grace...I have this "thing" about bath toys. I don't like them. They freak me out. They get all slimy and moldy and weird. You know, when they sit around and didn't get every last drip of water off them? Yuck. We don't do bath toys at our house very much. She was in bath toy heaven. That combined with some one-on-one up close and personal time with her favorite cousin under the age of two and she was thrilled!

Here is a quick little video I compiled with photos and video from their bath time and naked jumping expedition on Grandma's bed on Christmas night.

As you can see, Cameron is quite the happy baby. He's so fun to be around because he'll make eyes and flirt with anyone, and nobody scares him. So fun!

I have more pictures from Christmas to post. We had a great time out in Spearfish, and were blessed to be with all of Cody's immediate family. It was a white Christmas out in the Hills! Horray! We were able to celebrate with his Grandparents before Christmas and see and vacation with my parents after Christmas.


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