Friday, January 27, 2012

American Pickers

Not sure how many of you watch the show on the History Channel "American Pickers" but recently an new episode was on when the Pickers were in South Dakota. They stopped at 1880 Town, and my highlight of the show, at Pioneer Auto in Murdo.

Some of the South Dakota Tourism crew, including myself, drove out to support Dave (who is on our tourism board), and to just say congrats on getting the Picker's out there to Pioneer Auto. Of course, Dave had more planned for us than just a hello. We were able to ride around in this ANCIENT car, I cannot remember how old it was, with one of Murdo's finest tour guides.

We took a tour of Pioneer Auto, said congrats to Dave, and let him do his work with the Pickers. Now, I'm not going to spoil it, because I hope you can catch a re-run of this episode, but let's just say Dave throws a mean coin toss.

Here's some fun pictures from that day...
Dave getting us prepped for our ride around town...

The beauty we rode in. She just purred!

South Dakota Tourism Crew and our tour guide

Who recognizes this car? 

How about now? 

Now, I know I really need to get to my San Diego pictures...they just seem overwhelming to me at the moment since there are so many of them! Project!

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  1. I LOVE American Pickers! Very cool... I'm jealous.


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